Exclusive: The First Teaser For ‘The Biggest Catch,’ NakedSword’s Big Summer Sex Comedy

Whoever snags the richest, hottest daddy wins! It’s kind of like the Jarec Wentworth story, only these sugar daddies aren’t old and gross!

Remember the movie that mr. Pam and the crew were shooting back in April in the Castro in San Francisco when all this shit went down with those restaurant owners?! Well that movie, The Biggest Catch, a special joint production with Men.com, is now set to premiere on NakedSword on July 22, and it stars NakedSword exclusive Killian James, JD Phoenix, Garrett Cooper, Adam Ramzi, Falcon exclusive Andrew Stark, Casey Moore, and Jackson Fillmore.

Killian, JD, and Garrett all play go-go boys (I know! a stretch!) from Vegas who all come to San Francisco hoping that in the land of tech opportunity, they can land themselves some hot, rich dudes before they run out of money and have to go back to Vegas.

And check it out… There’s some serious acting happening here! We’ll get to see JD Phoenix going to put on a “show” for Jackson Fillmore’s rich daddy (played by his real-life boyfriend Max Cameron). We’ll see Killian take ALL of Casey Moore (in the scene that got interrupted at that restaurant). And much more.

Behold, what promises to be the hottest x-rated sex comedy of Summer 2015. (And Andrew Stark’s glorious cock doesn’t hurt either. I mean it would hurt, but… you get it.)




5 thoughts on “Exclusive: The First Teaser For ‘The Biggest Catch,’ NakedSword’s Big Summer Sex Comedy”

  1. As long as it’s a beautiful well hung cock uncut and can fuck like a Jack hammer, he could
    Look like Dracula, this is where beautiful or handsome can take the back seat, show a hung cock, with huge gland and progressive bigger and bigger dick. Oh yea, my lover is a black man and is absolutely 13-3/8 “ it’s a dick to admire and can make you bleed. Good luck you little dick fuckers.

  2. I’m with you about the average looking guys. And seeing a condom on Andrew Stark’s perfect dick is a buzzkill.

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