fane roberts fucks dustin holloway

At The Intersection Of Lover’s Lane & “Route 69”

Our journey down “Route 69” cums to close today with the scene we’ve been waiting for: Fane Roberts fucks Dustin Holloway until his eye roll back into that handsome head.

Lucky number seven. We’ve spent almost two months with Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway as their summer trip down “Route 69” brought classic Falcon scenes and stars alive again at each stop along the way.

But behind it all, the simmering desire between Fane and Dustin got stronger and stronger and stronger. Today, it reaches a full boil.

While the natural chemistry between Dustin & Fane is the best premise for any scene, for the original inspiration, director Tony Dimarco had to look no further than that classic seedy motel room hook up between Mark & Tony in 1984’s “Take Ten” from Falcon.

[Watch “Take Ten” at Falcon | NakedSword]

Today, a final stop at a no tell hoe-tel shows what happens when a couple of friends stop hooking up with strangers and give into the desires that have been there all along.

fane roberts fucks dustin hollowayDustin has sucked off Derek Maxum and been fucked by Skyy Knox. Fane has swallowed Alex Mecum’s dick while his ass inhaled first JJ Knight’s meat before Ryan Rose dicked him in the diner. Today, these best friends only have eyes for each other. And rumor has it Fane may be retiring from porn: should that be the case, what a way to go out. On top. Literally.

The porn playing wasn’t as hot as the now freed lust between Fane and Dustin takes over. A blow job gets returned. This morphs into a 69. Then a rimsky-nine. Then Fane gets his thumb and fingers and work to make way for the most important stop on “Route 69” yet, Dustin’s ass.

fane roberts fucks dustin hollowayStretched and lubed, Dustin trades the red mustang for Fane’s dick and hops on for a long, hard, deep ride. Just look at his cock cut through the air as he eyes are transfixed on Fane’s handsome face as Fane’s cock is buried to the hilt.

fane roberts fucks dustin hollowayFane flips his buddy onto his back where the long-awaited pumping can go full throttle. Fane keeps up a steady pace until Dustin rolls his eyes to the back of his head and creams his stomach. Fane follows Dustin’s lead as pumps his load out, mixing their nuts together. Not everything that starts on “Route 69” stays on “Route 69” as this time the destination was just as hot as the journey.

[Watch Dustin & Fane in “Route 69” scene seven at Falcon]


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