Former “Straight College Men” Start Their Own Site

Amateur paysite hasn’t been updated in months, but there’s been no official announcement on the site about what’s going on. Did all the straight college men die? Or is it just that they’ve been swallowing cum off camera?

Luckily, they’re all still alive! Some of the SCM models have moved their ‘straight guys having gay sex’ antics to a new site that they launched themselves: The site is now live, and here’s a trailer that I like:


I’ve been emailing back and forth with Austin and Zane over the past few weeks, trying to find out why they left SCM and what happened to the site. For legal reasons, they weren’t able to tell me much. Until last night. Here’s their explanation:

We didn’t leave the old site, the old site moved to Kentucky to reinvent itself. After visiting ultra-conservative Kentucky to find new apartments, we both decided that it seemed like common sense to us that the business just wouldn’t work out there. I’m not sure if any porn company could survive there, let alone a gay porn company. When the move finally happened, we were still in Vegas signing up for unemployment when I saw a few blogs from our fans asking what had happened to us and if they were going to see us again. My initial intention of hitting up the blogs was to drum up votes for an online-video contest we had entered to help us earn some extra cash just to make ends meet. Through talking to our fans, it became very obvious that they would support a new site venture if we did it right.

Currently we are updating with a full-length video every six days, or about five to six times a month. We also have a separate blog that features bonus videos, exclusive galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, out-takes and bloopers. We’ve created the site with the members in mind, so every update is “comment-able” so they can let us know what they want to see more of. We are actively recruiting new faces to grace the pages of and have three auditions scheduled for later this week. Once revenue starts coming in, we can dedicate more resources to ensuring a constant flow of fresh faces.

 And here’s an interview with one of the site’s models, Mason:


These are nice guys, you guys! And I’m not just saying that because they’re hot. Memberships to the site cost $2.95:

28 thoughts on “Former “Straight College Men” Start Their Own Site”

  1. I canceled my sub due to health problems but I still wanted the Trial sub at $69.95 but it looks like the canceled as of today 5/03/18

  2. Like so many others I was wondering why SCM started in 2003 and the newest video is 2010. There were some very magical men on the site and I missed not seeing them. Dean was a very big attraction and when he started working behind the scenes we didn’t get to see him anymore. I was shocked to see him on the Wendy Williams show talking about a new site that e and a few others were putting together. I didn’t get to see the web page. I assume he is one of the originals of his new site. I really liked the straight vs gay scenario rather than gay on gay.

  3. I myself do not just “identify” as straight, I AM straight. Furthermore, I wish to make a statement about the nonsense you mentioned about the difference between “willing” to do something and “desiring” it. If someone is totally repulsed by something 100%, then if they are still “willing” to do it, there MUST be desire. To say otherwise, not only defies logic, but is impossible. Are you Austin and Zane telling me that you are “willing” to have sex with a dead person, a child (if it was legal), a farm animal, a morbidly obese, smelly, and ugly person, be “willing” to eat a hot steaming pile of real shit and swallow it and do all these things so “convincingly”? And be able to give a “convincing” performance of all these things done “willingly”, even though you have no “desire” at all to do so??? You guys are OBVIOUSLY not only gay, but you are both VERY obviously gay. Any normal man in public would instantly recognize either one of you as homosexuals for real. I would say virtually any normal, straight, and masculine man would. You are the kind of guys, that if you walked into a straight bar, almost everyone would think “what are these two F@&&*TS doing here? That said, the golden rules are …MEN CANNOT FAKE AN ERECTION AND EJACULATION FOR ANY REASON,MONEY OR NOT. FURTHERMORE, THE SEX IS REAL, THE PERFORMERS MIGHT BE DIRECTED ON WHAT ACTS TO PERFORM AND HOW THEY ARE WANTED TO BE DONE, THE SEX IS STILL REAL. Obviously, your whole premise is for marketing purposes to make more money. Don’t use the viagra argument either. Viagra only gives one the ABILITY to have an erection, IT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE ONE AROUSED. Sexual desire must be present for viagra to work. This is fact. I can go on all day tearing apart your bs stories about how you are not enjoying the sex with men you are fervently having, and very obviously into, but I think I said enough sufficient to call you on this nonsense.


    Where can one buy the old Straight College DVD”s? I am new to the site and I buy the DVD>s for my collection.

      1. I came across your answer to another paytron of this site. You said you had some Older DVD’s from SCM. Do you still have any. I can not get my laptop to open the download that is made from requested the older videos.

  5. As I glean from what I read around the webz, the guy that was running Bait & Tackle was near-to-certifiably crazy. Around the time of what I call “The Great Purge,” wherein a number of the more “regular” models that had gone with the site from San Diego to Vegas simply disappeared, ol’ whatshisname sent me an e-mail asking why I didn’t come back and re-up my subscription, which I took to mean that not only was there more of an exodus from the company, there was also a bit of a mass shedding of customers. I was pretty honest in telling him that he didn’t have many models that appealed to me to begin with, and the few that did weren’t working for him anymore. That was the last I heard from him. Dean Coxxx, among other former SCM models, hasn’t had very nice things to say about the guy. What gave me pause about the site to begin with was when whatshisname went all batshit over that one model who went to work for a bareback company before SCM could finish editing his scenes and get them posted. I can understand contract violations, but whatshisname’s high dudgeon was really over the top. I almost wanted to zip him an e-mail to say “dude, you’re putting a lot of time, energy and money towards turning a group of guys into” — I can’t really sugar-coat this, alas; please know that I use the word without judgement — “whores; guys who are willing to have sex with whomever you pay them to, with no regard for ‘sexual orientation’ or personal preference. One of those guys decided to take a bit of initiative and pimp himself instead of waiting around for you to finish ‘grooming’ him. Newsflash: you turned him into a whore, then he started acting in his own self-interest and you want to present as surprised, hurt and indignant. Get over it.”

    I mean, if the real problem was breaking the contract, sue the fucking model already. Don’t trash the guy personally, because it looks a little crazy (see Doug vs. “Devin Draz”).

    Anyway, yeah, I did notice some time after I got the note from whatshisname that there was no new content and got to sniffing around. All the pages are still there, but he’s gone poof. I imagine that Bait & Tackle, re-branded, is going to go into another branch of internet services, something that doesn’t have to do with generating/hosting/distributing adult-interest content.

  6. I always appreciated the irony of SCM. How many cocks does a guy
    have to suck before no longer qualifying as “straight”? Hehehe.
    Good to see these adorable boys – whatever they now identify as –
    sucking and fucking and having a good time. They taught me that sex
    can be FUN.

  7. As we related to AustinZane via a messageboard post, the premise of two “straight” guys running a business that involves them having sex with each other while juggling other aspects of their lives (girlfriends, wives, babies etc.) is, on its face, a very interesting concept for a reality tv show or movie (or both).

    To quote a statement made by Zane about his “relationship” with Austin: “I think we are probably closer than most best friends are, we live together, work together, and have sex with each other.” Zane on Austin.

    When considering whether or not AustinZane would make for a “Zaney” tv or web-based comedy, realize that RuPaul’s Drag Crap is allegedly a big hit on LogoTV and, one of the hottest TV Ideas out of the UK right now is about “A Vampire, A Werewolf and A Ghost sharing a flat”.

    Not only is what Austin Zane currently doing interesting enough to support a comedy, Austin Zane started out working for a porn production company that put up billboards along highways in Nevada offering guys $500 for j/o sessions. In a video segment produced by news organisation about the old “Bait and Tackle” Porn Production Company (the which produced StraightCollegeMen), Austin (Max) is shown paying a guy his $500 after the guy did his j/o on the Bait & Tackle Production Line.

  8. I agree that trailer was pretty fucking good. But all their good ideas, most of my interest, and the last available three seconds of my patience for undulating, cackling white “straight” boys were all used up by the end of that clip. Now what?

  9. I’m excited about I like a variety of sites and AustinZane brings elements I don’t find anywhere else: correspondence with the models, live chat with them, video commentary options. It’s porn with personality. I like the guys and I want to see them succeed. I’m very interested in seeing how they’re going to develop. It’s sort of like watching Luke and Noah from “As The World Turns” but with fucking!

  10. So exciting to see some familiar faces! The guys did some cam shows off and on before the launch, and they came across as such true gentlemen, but also knew this was serious business and were all about making this about the fans and members before anything else. They are nice, honest, and very transparent about the road map ahead, and really put such a beautiful personal touch on their content, which so many producers have forgotten about. Unlike the “fad” of the old site, the new models will be gay, straight, bi, black, white, spanish etc… but they will all be REAL. They are building relationships with the new models, which in turn will make itself present on screen, as the models will not simply be shooting for a few bucks, but will have developed friendships with the performers which will come through as raw passion. They are going to blur the line of labels… we all know it’s not about that. It’s about great content, honesty, and getting our rocks off, and I’m sure they are going to deliver on every level as they grow and learn. From all their previous fan interactions, they are VERY open to feedback and would love ideas for their site… I’d swing by and send em some love just like you all did here. :)

    The solo content and interview material will be essential as new faces come about to show us who they really are, and develop those personalities so they aren’t just another new model that does a shoot or two and takes off. It looks like this is all part of the “friendship development” to keep the guys loyal(and for good reason, if they treat their models anything like their fans they might have trouble getting rid of the new guys, haha. I think this new “cinema” type interview puts new guys at ease, instead of some creeper launching awkard questions at them for 90 seconds and then telling them to get naked…But at the end of the day if the interviews don’t float your boat, there will be plenty of hardcore action. They are all about brining it to the next level, and they don’t want to dissapoint themselves, let alone the fans. Looks like friendship does have it’s benefits…

    I also plan on supporting them for a long time to come… they are bringing a fresh edge to the industry! It’s so nice to have some of the guys back, isnt it?

  11. Also…why not ask “what kind of guy do you like?” As a gay male, I know what kind of female I like so why wouldnt a male know what kind of guy he finds attractive…

  12. Well the guys at come across as honest and appear to care about their audience. They seem really sincere and want to provide an honest outlet, something their former employer did not do.
    As to the “straight” aspect…well, I guess we like the guys to be straight but “turned on, honestly, with each other. One of the guys said in a comment that it took him a long time to get off. I thought that he did not get aroused by a male. Guess I want my cake and eat it also. I would not want to know that they had to get all “juiced” up just to have sex with each other…would destroy the illusion or good vibe.
    Austin and Zane really come off as intelligent N I C E guys and that counts big time. I guess “our” illusion is that you guys were really into each other but reality dictates that when one of you just became a father, there are limitations to our expectations. Just dont make it forced gay action as we can pick it up immediately. As an aside, the kissing is awesome. Time to stop my ramble!

  13. I was a long time fan and supporter of the quirky “Straight College Men” site. But once I found out SCM was continuing to charge my card without providing any new content, I quickly cancelled my subscription. Based on that move, SCM will forever in my mind be thieves.

    I’m happy to see some of the SCM models pick up where SCM left off. That was a very smart move on their part. If they play their cards right, they can be just as successful, if not more, than SCM. I joined as soon as they launched. In my opinion, the content so far, is just OK. Too much solo content and I’m not at all a fan of the “Interview” content. When it comes to porn, any type solo content equals snooze or they same stuff you can get on xtube for free. I’m also not a fan of introducing someone through an interview, then solo, then a little of this and a little of that. The interviews are good. Just not stand alone. Take it on to a full action scene. Don’t tease.

    Anyway, I’m going to continue to support the AZ guys for a while. They are smart, handsome, entrepreneurial and uninhibited. That’s a good mix! I hope they quickly add more action oriented content and some neww faces and maybe some of the other guys from the old SCM.

  14. I won’t support any gay porn site with the word “straight” featured in the title. I think it promotes an antiquated idea of what gay men find attractive. I think that site is probally dead now. Kentucky?! Seems like a very limited “straight” and “college” talent pool but we know they weren’t sticking to that anyway. I say good riddance to an out of date concept and dying concept. However, I think that Austin Zane probally needs some support and even if they only had one scene a month it would be worth the membership fee provide the get away from the idea that straight guys are hotter..

    1. Alex – you are SO out of touch. Many of us still find straight boys far more desirable than gay men. There’s just something about them (for sexual purposes anyway). We like them until they turn gay. Then they’re not so much fun anymore.

      It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Please don’t try to put us all in the same box. It’s all about personal preference.

      1. The guy I find desirable is the guy with whom I have honest chemistry. Not all straight guys are hot or desirable and certainly not those with an attitude. I’ve met more qua;ity gay men who I would date than straight men. There is no such thing as absolutes or generalizations as they are dangerous.

      2. And there is the self loathing and internalized homophobia. “We like them until they turn gay. Then theyre not so much fun anymore.” Are you kidding with that? No one “turns” gay. Your assessment that “straight” guys in gay porn are hotter is based on what exactly? Amateur sites like SCM or Broke Straight Boys or Amatuer Straight Guys? I hate to break the illusion but most of those guys are NOT straight. How do you define straight? Do you define it by how little they are willing to do with men or the fact that a studios marketting promotes the performer as straight? Do you know how many gay performers are told to pretend to be straight at the beginning? How many bottoms in their private life pretend to be “top only” in porn?

        As for being “out of touch”, I don’t think so, look at comments around the gay porn blogs. People are sick of the gay4pay bullshit. I find that most gay men, under the age of 35, are sick of the “staight is hotter” bullshit. They don’t care about a performers orientation, as long as they perform like a gay man enjoying gay sex. Which is the point. If you don’t use your orientation as a marketing trick then we don’t care.

    2. I, for one, have no problem saying that I prefer straight men much more than straight men. And I’ll tell you why. I am a proud, 53 yr old, gay male…but you wouldn’t know it if we just met. Why? Because I don’t try to act like every other flaming fag in the world. It’s simple when you think about it. Gay men are gay because they like MEN…right? Then why does the overwhelming majority of gay men look, talk, and act like little sissies? To be honest…I’m sickened by most of the gay men I meet. I want to just go up and say “Grow a dick, buddy”!

  15. How can this be successful with that membership fee? Don’t those credit card companies which are used for doing these money transactions take over 50 % of the money?

    1. $2.95 is for the trial. The trial gives you full access to everything for 3 days, and it is absolutely worth the renewal. The monthly membership is very fair, on point or less expensive then many other sites, and especially a good value with the fan interaction in addition to the video releases etc.

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