Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter

Hazel Hoffman Stays Stiff Taking Tristan Hunter’s Plump Dick

Since making his studio debut with real-life boyfriend Finn August back in January, Hazel Hoffman has made quite an impression. We’re constantly drooling over that pristine body—it’s like this man is a Greek statue brought to life, with his smooth toned body accentuated by those gorgeous nipples, that big dick, those hot pits and his signature long locks.

Since that flip scene, Hazel has continued to show off his versatility: After bottoming for verbal top Derek Kage, he showed off his total top side with Greyson Myles. Now the hottie is back on all fours as he tempts Tristan Hunter with his amazing ass—which soon has spit dripping down in it as Tristan wakes up the slumbering stud.

Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter

Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter

Tristan then stuffs his big boner in Hazel’s accommodating mouth, the sucker taking it all in (I have to say, Tristan’s slab looks particularly delicious here). Hazel is soon getting pinned to the bed by Tristan’s cock, then turns over to take it on his back as he continues to moan and talk dirty (“Fuck me up with that big dick!”). Tristan also accommodates the bottom by stroking and sucking him, and can you blame him? Hazel’s big dick is plump as fuck as he takes it, and I’m not sure any tip could resist getting in a few licks on it.

Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter

Hazel Hoffman, Tristan Hunter

Tristan eats out the bottom some more before fucking him again, Hazel then sitting down on his rod—the bottom’s slab grazing Tristan’s abs. Hazel soon squirts over the top’s bod before Tristan follows suit, Hazel sucking him dry. It’s high time we see Hazel in a threesome…how about with Lane Colten and Jordan Starr? Pretty please?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


4 thoughts on “Hazel Hoffman Stays Stiff Taking Tristan Hunter’s Plump Dick”

  1. tristan hunter is so adorable. he’s got that super cute guy next door look going on that I adore.

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