Tony Genius, Ricky Roman

Ricky Roman Makes NakedSword Cumback With Outdoor Flip-Fuck

You remember that Fire Island movie that we were just teasing you with yesterday? Well, the first scene is officially live over on and now we’re here to show you all the action that goes down during the first episode of The Swords: I’m Following You.

For the premiere of this latest chapter in The Swords saga, Tony Genius is back and reprising his role as a newly recruited gay porn star secret agent along with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor. At the beginning of the scene, the two quickly recap some important plot points from previous installments of The Swords before Tony goes off on his own to enlist porn star Ricky Roman – who is making his first NakedSword appearance since his fuck with Reign in Get.Away. – as a member of The Swords.

Little does Tony know though, he isn’t alone. He’s actually being followed around the island by Greg Riley – the same gay porn newcomer who recently kicked off his career with a scene in NakedSword’s New Arrivals. Greg, playing the role of an obsessive fan that’s determined to become a top industry name, trails Tony until he’s alone with Ricky. It’s then that Greg becomes a major peeping Tom and watches the two flip-fuck on the coast of Fire Island and then overhears Tony revealing the truth about The Swords to Ricky. Oops!

Take a look below at some of these Fire Island action shots below, be sure to watch this entire scene over at, and if you want to figure out what Greg Riley does with all this newfound information about The Swords, be sure to tune in next week for episode two of I’m Following You!

So what do you think of this scene? Are you excited to see Ricky Roman back at NakedSword Originals? Let us know below and be sure to catch even more action from I’m Following You right now over on!

[Watch I’M FOLLOWING YOU ft. Tony Genius & Ricky Roman]


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