Here’s Tommy Defendi Sucking A Dick In The Shower

What kind of excuse would you use in order to take a shower with Tommy Defendi? Because as good as this one is, it still doesn’t make any sense.

The water’s being turned off in 30 minutes, and both of them need to take a shower! Couldn’t they have just taken two 15-minutes showers separately, one after the other? Not that I wouldn’t have suggested doing the same thing if I were Colby Jansen.

[Big Dicks At School: Colby Jansen Fucks Tommy Defendi]


8 thoughts on “Here’s Tommy Defendi Sucking A Dick In The Shower”

  1. Two of the hottest guys, but I am shocked. I always thought of Colby as being so huge and beefy (which he is) I am a fan of Tommy Defendi and had no idea he was so big/tall (not just his dick) he makes Colby look small. I always pictured Tommy as being medium sized like 5’10″/11″… interesting, things you don’t notice

    That just took him to next level of hotness

  2. I really feel like Tommy D is nothing special. I hate that he does a million videos and I hate that everyone has to blog about it. I dont see why everyones obsessed with him.

    1. The peen is major. And he’s hairy. Two points for him that put him in my favour. Shame he like totally sounds like a Valley Girl when he talks.

  3. Tommy Defendi, Jaxton Wheeler and Sebastian Young all should only bottom from this point forward in their careers. And I want to see each one topped Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar and Diesel Washington!

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