Nicco Sky Got His Asshole Molded

Fresh off his appearance on Reese Rideout’s Vh1 reality show, Nicco Sky paid a visit to the Fleshjack factory to get his mouth, cock, and asshole molded into sex toys.

Nicco Sky is the most fuckable of all the Randy Blue models, so there’s no question that his ass Fleshjack will be one of the best Fleshjack toys ever released. But what about his mouth Fleshjack and his dick Fleshjack? To be fair, I’d like to test them all out and write a more accurate, complete review of all three of the Nicco Sky Fleshjack products right here on The Sword, as a service to my readers.

If Fleshjack is willing to send me all three Nicco Sky sex toys, I’d be willing to forgive them for incorrectly calling me a liar during the entire Fleshjack contest debacle. The ball (and the dick, and the ass, and the mouth) is in your court, Fleshjack.

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Matt Castro fucks Nicco Sky on Randy Blue:



8 thoughts on “Nicco Sky Got His Asshole Molded”

  1. That “schnoz” is part of the whole that makes him so damn sexy! This guy is so hot and he just has a very likable personality!

  2. Nicco posed for the ass mold without necessity. Mouths and dicks differs from person to person. They are very different and you can reconaise the differences. We can’t say the same for the ass. Unless it is a fucked up one: flaccid, protrude, too much ‘open’ due a life long use, abuse and reuse etc it’s hard to reconaise the normal ones. If the mold of yours and the molds of your neighbors’ asses would set in a row I dare you to point wich one is yours! Even because to reconaise would be necessary to see our asses the same time we see our mouths and dicks. I can’t point a particular porn performer’s ass mold. They will be the same ” * “.

    1. You don’t pay enough attention. I can recognize the ass of every single person i ve fucked!! More than their eyes for all it matters XD

      1. Sorry but if I have only the asshole molded in rosy latex and adjusted in a “fleshjack” without the original color, or buttocks, or hair. I can’t…it will bring me few information. Only this: ” * ” isn’t enough for me. Unless the ass would be out of the general standard : too open, faccid, protrude due hemorrhoids or something, with warts… This conditions sure make difference but who will pay for a copy showing those things. I think everybody prefer the ” * ” ones.

  3. Never noticed Nicco was on that film. Love that guy!

    But if there’s anyone deserving enough to get a mold of all three parts (dick, mouth, ass), then it has to be Sean Zevran! He’s got a great size dick, an extremely fuckable ass and a really nice mouth!

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