Hot Fucker Lydian Grey & His Big Dick Are Finally Back

When he made his studio debut almost exactly a year ago, I got excited that we were about to see a lot more of hung and handsome fucker Lydian Grey. Sadly, that didn’t really happen.

The hunk didn’t go anywhere, but has always spent most of his time dedicated to his OnlyFans work. But his debut studio scene at GuysinSweatpants, where he squirted three times (!!!) in a hot pairing with Ty Santana, gave me goosebumps. But since that scene last April, we only saw him one more time: fucking Damien Cruz a few months later. But now my prayers have been answered and he’s back again (yay!), and I hope he goes the route of Morgxn Thicke—another big-dicked fan site star who is finally embracing studio work.

Lydian Grey, David Zayn Lydian Grey, David Zayn

Lydian Grey, David Zayn Lydian Grey, David Zayn

And just when I thought this man couldn’t get any sexier (what with that handsome face, furry toned chest and big bushy dick), he puts on a pair of glasses and makes me melt even more. Every inch of this stud oozes sex, and I’m here for it. Joining Lydian is another comeback kid: David Zayn, who appeared in three GiSP scenes in 2021 and then got fucked by Reign over at Falcon…and then took a break until this year. So having bot of these guys back is a cause for celebration.

Lydian Grey, David Zayn Lydian Grey, David Zayn

Lydian Grey, David Zayn Lydian Grey, David Zayn

Lydian starts by burying his stubby chin in David’s hole and munching away like his life depends on it (I love that sound!), then offers up his sizeable slab for sucking—using his hot man hands to push David’s head all the way down on it. He then owns that ass with his tool, spitting down on it and sliding his cock all the way in and out—and once again gives us a multi-load performance, dousing the bottom’s hole with two wads of cum. For the love of God, Lydian…keep these scenes coming!

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


2 thoughts on “Hot Fucker Lydian Grey & His Big Dick Are Finally Back”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Wow! David Zayn’s deluxe booty is awesome.
    I love how this preview starts with a creampie and rewinds the action from there.
    I’ve seen an odd trend where some performers try to hide condoms or end with facials or body shots.
    I think many studios have realized that previews need to not just interest viewers, but also relieve anxieties. The viewers is not left wondering about the “delicate sensitivities” of the actors. We know what to expect.
    Once the anxiety is alleviated, we can focus on if we like the action itself.

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