Paul Wagner

Hot & Hung Daddy Paul Wagner Shows Off Rare Sub Side

Yes, daddy! Paul Wagner is just too gorgeous of a man to be relegated to POV porn where we just get to see his (albeit gorgeous) dick. And in his new scene, we get to see him show a rare sub side as he sucks dick and bottoms for Malik Delgaty.

Ever since Paul made his sort-of comeback in front of the camera a year and a half ago when he fucked Felix Fox in an award-nominated scene, I was hoping it would be the start of a new phase in his career. But since then (especially this year), we haven’t seen as many Paul scenes as I would have liked, with much of it relegated to the POV series “Deep Inside.” Which makes this scene a nice change of pace. I mean, how handsome are these two?!

Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty

The setup is (unfortunately) typical stupid, with Paul’s daughter introducing boyfriend Malik to daddy Paul. Never mind that she’s way too old to be his daughter, it’s just an unnecessary gimmick that plays into the studio’s “shocked face” porn. Nevertheless, once it starts we get to see a fully naked Paul in action, and for that I am thankful.

Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty

It’s rare that we get to see Paul be the cocksucking bottom in a scene, particularly in the second half of his career (remember, this hunk has been around since 2007!). But here he is stuffing Malik’s uncut cock down his throat and then bending over, including a hot shot with Malik pinning him to the couch, their full bodies both on display (so beautiful!). Paul rides the hunk and then takes it doggy in the shower stall (this is an odd change of scenery…the living room was a much better location!) before laying back on the sink (ouch…this looks full-on uncomfortable), Malik flexxing as he fucks him (at least I think so…I’m too busy focusing on Paul to care). Then the bottom gets his handsome scruffy face doused in cum.

Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty Paul Wagner, Malik Delgaty

What do you think of Paul as a bottom?

See the full scene at!


8 thoughts on “Hot & Hung Daddy Paul Wagner Shows Off Rare Sub Side”

  1. Always been a huge fan of Paul Wagner, before as much as now. No psycho twitter drama, and a very sexy attitude personality packed in hot rugged masculine looks…

  2. The gay community should be embarrassed by the fact that someone as lackluster as Malik continues to get hired for gay porn scenes.

  3. As an older bottom myself, I always appreciate the rare scene with a young top/mature bottom pairing. This looks good but not enough to get me to subscribe to Maybe when it hits one of the free sites,

  4. Before he took some time off from porn, Paul mostly bottomed in his videos. Top or bottom, I think he is handsome and looks better than ever now.

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