In Which Anthony Romero Shows His Doctor How To Eat Ass

This is how it is done.

Doctors’ offices are gross and the least sexy places on the planet, unless they are doctors’ offices in pornos starring Anthony Romero. And here he is now!

Here is two minutes of a very attentive Anthony Romero in a doctor’s office demonstrating the proper way to eat an ass. He is demonstrating on his doctor.

The doctor/lucky recipient is newcomer Campbell Stevens (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Campbell).

Watch in full here.

[“Private Practice”: Anthony Romero & Campbell Stevens]

3 thoughts on “In Which Anthony Romero Shows His Doctor How To Eat Ass”

  1. The MD I see is gay.. and better looking than Campbell Stevens. (He even has a license) I admit I’ve gotten hard when he’s stuck his finger up my ass checking my prostate. He has a bigger dick than Campbell too.

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