Bait And Massage My Extra Big Str8 To Gay Thug Buddies Dick In Public Next Door?


I want to join a gay porn site, but I don’t know which one to join. I’m confused. I like watching twinks being massaged and/or rubbed in the back of a bus in south Florida being driven by men over the age of 30 who are on the hunt for thugs to take to a glory hole, but on the other hand, sometimes I just want to see boyz next door doing a circle jerk with their big-dicked friends from school (or their office) who are too broke to afford a bath house sausage party. Drill my hole?

There are too many choices in gay porn, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. With so many options offering such diverse types of gay pornography, how in the world is anyone supposed to choose? If only there were one place to go for every single gay porn scene ever produced, all on one humongous website. I would join that website.

Which gay porn website would you join if you wanted to masturbate to all of the gay porn you could, all at the same time?

Would you join Rub Him Urban Invasion Out In Public Thug Hunter Unglory Hole It’s Gonna Hurt Project City Bus Sausage Party Butter Loads Haze Him or would you join Extra Big Dicks Men Over 30 Circle Jerk Boys Boyz Party Boys Gone Bad or would you join Massage Bait Bath House Bait Office Cock Damn That’s Big Gay Creeps Gay Violations Boys Destroyed or would you join Next Door Buddies Next Door Twinks Next Door Hookups Next Door Male Next Door World or would you join Drill My Hole Big Dicks At School Str8 To Gay Gay Office or would you just go buy a DVD?


30 thoughts on “Bait And Massage My Extra Big Str8 To Gay Thug Buddies Dick In Public Next Door?”

  1. I admit I download most of it, but if I were to pay I’d go for; those scenes are HOT! I actually like Lucas Ent. also (at least they film at different locations which makes it interesting) but the pairings of actors kinda sux AND Michael Lucas fukking is a huge turnoff. There are some hot scenes at Randy Blue, but there’s way too much G4P over there and they film in the same room on the same bed OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

  2. I wish we could select which sites on NDS we would get like a cable package. I like Austin, Samuel and Trystan’s sites but wouldn’t spend a cent on the others.

    1. Agreed…there are millions of videos between Xtube-Lifeout-Dudesnude and the action is real. GAY, BI, CURIOUS GUYS that are genuinely enjoying having sex with guys and/or pleasuring themselves – and the majority of it is FREE!

      But I’m sure he was fishing for NAKEDSWORD.COM

  3. Have you ever considered joining a VOD website that offers content from multiple studios that allows you to pick and choose content based on your tastes of the moment. I like this one called “Naked Sword”.

  4. Given the twisted ways that many of these sites are consolidated, it’s like an entire secondary batch of corporate porn. I didn’t think we needed any more porn corporations.

  5. Seancody is king. They update an action scene every four days, and are MUCH hotter than those more expensive sites that update less often with the same porn stars in the same scenes.

  6. is shooting some of the most romantic (and hot) pay porn right now, and they’ve started to put up a scene almost every day. If I had only one site, it would be GayRoom.

    1. And at least Gayroom is stepping away from some of its more gay-self-loathing scenarios in their stuff. I wish the same could be said of the stuff at BigDaddy. The way they talk about the gays at BaitBus, particularly in its early days, I found it difficult to believe that gay people were actually willing to fork over the cash for more than a month’s worth.

      I think the funniest thing, though, is when they cross their talent from one brand to another within the same company, with the pretext that a guy is straight in one scene and gay in another as though no one notices. I’d call it counterintuitive, but that would suggest some level of thought involved.

        1. The studios are making profits now? Looks like they’re spending more money on piracy lawsuits than on production.

  7. Nah I prefer the big studios. I still like to think porn as a fantasy and not as the thing my nextdoor twink neighbor can make on a saturday afternoon.

  8. I’d be pretty content if these sites would let you buy clips a la carte. I know most sites only have a few scenes from a few performers I like – especially the big warehouse ones.

  9. The Circle Jerk Men group of sites has started to recycle old scenes as new. Big Daddy/Bang Bros has a nasty habit of charging people’s credit cards after they cancel and once they decide to stop shooting content for the site the shooting dates disappear. If you join one, you join them all.

      1. Sorry Zach, Jay is correct. I’m a Big Daddy member and Haze Him isn’t one of the 11 sites that was offered when I checked the site a few minutes ago. Maybe you can access Haze Him with a Big Daddy membership, but it’s not one of the sites listed on the Bid Daddy page.

  10. Doesn’t 1 nextdoor membership cover all of those 12 sites? I think nakedsword covers a lot of ground, even though they don’t offer videos from these websites. It covers a lot of the major studios as well as fetish content.

    1. Yes, that is why I won’t join Austin’s site. I hate the idea that a penny of my money would end up in Cody, Tyler Torro, James Huntsman, or Trystan Bull’s pocket. Or that I am subsidizing a site, where the middle two, get to fuck women once a month, off gay men’s dime.

      Look at the traffic for Bull’s site and Next Door Hookups…no fucking way do those sites make their own money. Hookups is all about stroking the fragile hetero identities of the “straight” boys they hire and the later ia just one of those straight boys, like Cody. that Steven just irrationally idolizes. but unlike the NDS crown prince of douchiness, Bull doesn’t pull traffic. Keeping his site doesn’t even make sense. Mason and Tommy’s sites often generate more traffic the Bull and Hookups and they don’t have any new content.

      Just another way Next Door likes to say “fuck you, homos, but send your cash” on one hand and then claim “we give our members what they want” on the other. How are you giving your customers what they want when you have already shot the content months in advance and clearly don’t give a shit about feedback? That is why many have decided not to join Austin’s site. Which sucks because it means not supporting the only gay performer they have with his own site.

  11. Who is the guy in the picture right above where it says, “Launch Yourself…”? I don’t remember seeing him before, but he looks pretty hot.

    1. It’s a Czech guy but because it is just after 7 in the morning where I live I can’t be bothered to look it up. But it seems that if you say ‘Czech’ many American gay guys suddenly loose interest.

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