Josh Brady, Julian Brady

Hung Helix Jock Josh Brady Makes Next Door Debut

If your jaw dropped when you read that headline, you’re not alone. I have dreamed of this day for ages, and now it has finally happened: Hung hunk Josh Brady is trying out a new studio.

Josh made his debut in 2016 and has performed virtually all of his scenes at Helix (save for a handful of Himeros scenes peppered throughout the years). I have ached to see him try out new studios and perform with new models, and never really thought he was twink enough for Helix. Now with his first-ever scene at Next Door under his belt (this scene was under our radar a few weeks ago), I hope we get to see him try out more and more studios and holes. I love everything about Josh, from those gorgeous smooth pecs to that big thick dick, from his handsome face to his chill attitude.

Josh Brady, Julian Brady Josh Brady, Julian Brady

Josh Brady, Julian Brady Josh Brady, Julian Brady

He makes his Next Door debut with “Rivals: Promotion,” but it might as well be called “The Brady Bunch” as he’s paired with office rival Julian Brady, who plays his boss. Julian is disgruntled about Josh’s sales success and potential promotion, and the spirited verbal interplay between these two is reason enough to watch this scene (especially listening to what Julian promises to do to Josh…check out the trailer below for the hot dirty talk).

Josh Brady, Julian Brady Josh Brady, Julian Brady

Josh Brady, Julian Brady

The two finally combust as they kiss in the heat of the moment, then swap sucks (Julian wrapping his lips around Josh’s thick shaft is heaven!). Julian then munches the jock’s smooth hole, Josh laying back and showing off his hot pits. Then Josh takes over and fucks Julian, who’s toned and furry body looks amazing as he takes it (especially when his dick bounces and his abs clench as he sits down on the top).

Keep these new scenes coming, Josh! What studios and performers would you like to see him with?

See the full scene at Next Door!


14 thoughts on “Hung Helix Jock Josh Brady Makes Next Door Debut”

  1. Julian used to be attractive before he trashed his body with ink, but I’ve always liked Josh. Can’t have everything, I guess.

    1. Agreed man! Helix should just finish and bring Silas Brooks & CJ Parker with Josh <3 (after all its working for Trevor and his not nearly annoying as he was at Helix)

      1. Personally, I’ve had enough of Silas Brooks (and his twin Drake Von) to last several lifetimes. If I never saw Silas in a Helix scene again, it would not upset me. It’s unfortunate that there is such a small group of Helix models (Silas, CJ Parker, Matthew Grey & Spikey Dee) who seem to be in every scene these days. More models, like Josh, should leave for greener pastures. Hopefully Garrett Kinsley is the next to go to NDS.

        These guys deserve better.

  2. Josh Brady and Julian Brady are both very gorgeous. I like Josh Brady´s lean, muscular body because I could see only 1 tattoo. I also like his jock haircut. Julian Brady has beautiful light eyes, very handsome face and a magnetic hairy body. I just didn’t like the tattoos, which I thought excessive, but nothing that compromised his beauty.

  3. Not a fan of the black socks but great to see Josh expand to a new studio, hopefully one where he can flourish like former-Helix and current NDS-model Trevor Harris.

  4. His hair looks awful. What’s this crap about socks and shoes that’s invading gay porn. Ridiculous and unnecessary.

    Hopefully Josh will bottom more. In a, interview he said he’s done almost everything in gay porn including kink. Let’s see some.

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