I Almost Forgot That Chip Tanner Was Hot

I think I’ve paid more attention to Chip Tanner’s odd, thought provoking, and sometimes disgusting YouTube clips than I have his ass, and that’s just not right. Today, I’m reminded of what’s really important (i.e., Chip Tanner’s ass) in this latest Randy Blue scene. Video and photo preview below.

After giggling together about a dildo, these two hot goofballs fuck. Pairing Andrew Stark’s donkey dick with Chip’s bubble butt was a smart move. But can you even call it a bubble butt? What’s rounder and more impressive than a bubble? A balloon butt? A blimp butt? It’s perfect.

Watch the full video here.

[Randy Blue]

5 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot That Chip Tanner Was Hot”

  1. LMAO! “Blimp Butt” That’s good stuff! I think Andrew has that winning combination of nerd/adorable/hotness that I like.

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