Iago Bouzon naked

Want to See This Soccer Star’s Balls?

Iago Bouzón wasn’t caught with his pants down. He was caught with his cock out.

Iago Bouzón is a sexy soccer player for the Gimnàstic de Tarragona football club in his native Spain.

During a match last year, a wardrobe malfunction showed the stadium, and now the world, a lot more about him.

For instance, he needs some new jockstraps.

Iago Bouzon naked
Fans already knew he doesn’t mind showing some skin or some emotion on the field.

Iago Bouzon naked
Now the world knows that in addition to his legs, Iago Bouzón appears to shave his balls too.

Iago Bouzon naked
Those are some weighty baby mmakers. No wonder the elastic in his jock surrendered.

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Iago Bouzon naked

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(h/t SportsmenNaked)

So what do you think, guys? Is Iago Bouzón cut or uncut?

2 thoughts on “Want to See This Soccer Star’s Balls?”

  1. Cutz he’s got the flared up glans and the skin is wrinkled above it like you see on some loose circumcisions.

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