Incoming Apple CEO Tim Cook “Needs To Come Out”?

“Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO now that Steve Jobs has announced his resignation, has been described as being both intensely private and a life-long bachelor, but it wasn’t until this year that rumors started to spread that he was gay,” writes The Atlantic’s Nicholas Jackson. And? So what.


When it spread late yesterday that Jobs was stepping down, Twitter was abuzz with the news. After all had inquired about Steve Jobs’s health and Apple’s succession plan, attention returned to Cook. Wait a minute, a couple of the people I follow asked, is Tim Cook now the most powerful gay person in tech? Yes, with a move to the top of Apple’s ladder placing him ahead of Megan Smith, vice president of new business development at Google; Lisa Brummel, Microsoft’s head of human resources; and a handful of others.

The Twitter talk was followed this morning by a report in the Herald Sun built on top of positive reactions from a couple of spokespeople for equality. “I think that it’s a fantastic development,” Nareen Young, CEO of Diversity Council of Australia, told the paper. “What it reinforces is that gay and lesbian people are everywhere and the fact that they are reaching the senior echelons of business is an achievement.”

So, everyone’s excited that the new CEO of Apple is probably gay. That’s great. Everyone loves Apple, especially the gays. What a relief that a gay person is finally in charge of something that gay people love! Thank God! Just imagine if he were straight. Would we be able to trust him with Apple? I know I wouldn’t, that’s for sure. I’d be skeptical. I’d want to know more about who he was as a businessman and what his credentials were and whether or not he supports gay marriage. He was a COO? Meh.

“There are still many gay and lesbian people at high levels of the corporate world who are afraid to come out,” Rodney Croome, the spokesman for Australian Marriage Equality, added. “Cook’s appointment will help open the corporate closet.”

Just one problem there. Cook is one of those at the high levels who is afraid to publicly confirm his homosexuality. And he won’t be a role model for the LGBT community until he confirms the rumors and comes out of the glass closet he is assumed to be living in.

Oh, bullshit. Afraid? How do you know he’s afraid? Because he doesn’t choose to talk about his personal life? He won’t be a role model until he “confirms the rumors”? I call someone who ignores rumors a role model. Also, why can’t the CEO of Apple be a role model for the LGBT community simply because he’s the fucking CEO of Apple?

[The Atlantic]


8 thoughts on “Incoming Apple CEO Tim Cook “Needs To Come Out”?”

  1. I stopped reading “The Atlantic” a very long time ago. Once it was great, but in the aftermath of the “Tina Browning” of the monthlies in the 90’s, it sold its soul and now doesn’t know whether it’s up or down. This seems an attempt on their part to make news where there really is none. As for “outing” (I need to lay off the quotation marks; I’ll just do it in the air here at home) the only people who need to be outed are the vile Roy Cohn-Herbert Hoover-Rick Perry -Mitt Romney types.

  2. why not come out? I don’t know if he is or isn’t…but if he is, just live openly…acknowledge it…move on…be a role model for young lgbt kids…invite your bf if yo have one to your company events…and put apples money behind charities and causes that support gay rights. its the same with anderson cooper..enough with the games…im sure he will come out to boost ratings at some point if his daytime show needs it

  3. For me there is only one reason to out someone out someone or speculate that he or she is gay: the person is in a position of power and hurting the LGBT community. Politicians are the usual suspects; but, a CEO like Cook would qualify. Unless there is evidence that he has donated money to an organization like NOM or AFA, there’s no reason for this post.

  4. The bloody gays..want to claim everyone as their own, then when they finally come out, all they do is bitch about them.

  5. Why do you hateful bitches always want someone to come out? Do you think that the more people that come out will make make
    straight people love and understand us?
    You naive cow! You have to change the minds of the religious fanatics who control the majority of the people in this old world.
    Every actor, CEO, athlete, etc. can come out and it will make little difference until the religious right comes around.
    Sometimes I think people who want others to come out do it simply because you don’t want other people to be successful and happy in
    their chosen careers.
    “Why should you be happy, when I am gay and miserable. I need company” boo hoo

  6. I am soo sick and tired hearing gays bitch about someone who is well known and might be gay, just because they are gay they DOES NOT mean they have a responsibility to come out. ITS NO BODY’S FUCKING BIZ if they are gay ..NO ONES! No one owes anyone an explanation of their sexuality. I’ve worked at the same place over 20 years and I have NEVER talked abbout my sexuality with anyone nor has anyone asked me. Do they think I’m gay? Do they know some how I am ? Who gives a fuck I don’t consider it something I am obligated to announce or answer. UNLESS these famous people have done something against the community (and keeping your sexuality quiet is not something against the community) it’s no one’s biz!!

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