When Art Imitates Life

Hide the dog bowls and the bongs, y’all! Phillip Aubrey, Cliff Jensen, and Gavin Waters–did you not know that Gavin Waters had recently spent time behind bars? he did, though his arrest never went public–on the set of a shoot today for Men.com. (Yes, somebody bought Men.com and they’re now a content producer.) Also in this scene, though not pictured, is returning gay porn star Christian Wilde, who plays a prison guard. Great to see that everyone’s doing OK and back at work despite being recently charged with stabbing/beating their partners. [image via]

10 thoughts on “When Art Imitates Life”

  1. LOL! omg! what are the chances?! that’s hilarious (sorry guys, had to laugh) Glad you’re all out and doing better (I think – is Cliff out of jail?) Thanks Zach! Nice one :)

  2. I hadn’t heard that Gavin got arrested. I knew Dylan Roberts did. It makes you wonder, Does Fabscout has a bail bonds man on speed dial and a “scenes for bail” contract ready for when they get the call from jail?

    You used to see these gay4pay guys with blank expressions and dead eyes going through the motions because they need money for kid’s diapers or rent. Now they seem to be working for bail and court costs.

    1. LMAO,alex you’re spot on about “scenes for bail”. I sure as hell wouldn’t be surprised

      speaking of blank expressions and dead eyes, christian wilde could be the poster boy model for that look

      physically ,he a beautiful man, but he seems so cold and soulless,no personality ..just a shell of a man..what a waste
      no passion in his scenes or offscreen really

      let’s see if cliff’s influence will rub off on him.. i have my criticisms about cliff too, but if there’s one thing he can do right ,it’s FUCK !! Cliff’s sexual energy and magnetism is intense . there’s no denying he’s a hot fuck ! at least he gives his all in his scenes and is creative with dialogue ,and bangs intensely in all positions . is aggressive ..whew! getting wet just thinking about it!

      but yeah ,christian wilde who always just looks like he could be talking about the weather while he’s fucking could learn a thing or 50 from cliff !

  3. Glad to see they can find the humor in stabbing partners, doing drugs, etc.

    Why did Christian come back from Europe so soon? Hahahaha.

    1. cause his dumb ass probably ran out of money . thought he said he’d be there til november . what an idiot, now he’s back to kissing his sugar daddy ‘s ass-can anyone guess who? his name starts with H and ends with D. go to christian ‘s twitter page for more clues . the whole thing is sick ,really .

      as stupid as christian is, he and cliff are the only eye candy in this scene..
      but they are ALL a hot mess and mentally /emotionally unstable ,in my opinion ,which definitely cancels out any physical attractiveness they have …

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