Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris, Brandon Anderson

Jayden Marcos Gets Caught, Then Gets Fucked in New Mini-Movie

The biggest treat in the latest mini-movie from Next Door Films? It gives us a look at Jayden Marcos showing off some of his slightly less seen bottom side, and it’s for the big cock of Trevor Harris.

Next Door launched the new line in July to celebrate more story-based content based more in realism (and not dark, like what we get from brother label Disruptive Films), and we’ve already seen both of these cuties in the series: Trevor appeared in the debut installment as part of a hot threeway, while Jayden had a non-sexual role in the sophomore effort, with Brandon Anderson and Andrew Miller flipping. Now we get Round 3 (entitled “Paramour“), which clocks in at 58 minutes and lets the story and chemistry build before the action starts.

Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris
Now it’s Brandon who shows up in the non-sexual role (tragic, I know…but you can see him in his recent riding of Kyle Wyncrest’s bushy dick). Brandon is messing around with Jayden when boyfriend Trevor shows up unexpectedly, soon kicking Brandon out. Out of guilt and to make things right, Jayden returns to the house to apologize to Trevor (turn out, he didn’t know Brandon was taken)…and something starts to bloom. After the tension and romance builds, the two are soon swapping sucks and fucks—with my favorite shot being Trevor’s mouth stretched extra wide as he tries to deep throat Jayden’s thick dick.

Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris

“The topic of this film is something a lot of people can relate to,” says Dalton King, who returns again as the writer (Conrad Parker directs, his first effort for this new line). “I did my very best to approach the topic with realism and just the right amount of emotions and I’m super happy with how the project turned out. This was a big labor of love, and I think you’ll all be able to tell once you see it.”

Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris

Next Door CCO Jeremy Babcock notes that the line gives the studio a unique platform to tell more complicated stories and take bigger risks. What do you think of the Next Door Films scenes so far? And do you like seeing Jayden bottom?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!

9 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos Gets Caught, Then Gets Fucked in New Mini-Movie”

    1. Universal Potentate

      I have been married for 12 years. We’re still quite happy. It’s not because we confused sex and love or love with adult responsibilities.
      Please read a book and grow up.

          1. different anonymous poster here. nobody believes you have a happy marriage of 12 years. let alone one that will last

  1. Universal Potentate

    This is THE dumbest pretense ever.
    1. What gay couple has a closed relationship?
    2. The repressed one gets seduced by the “home wrecker”?
    3. This is porn, and it doesn’t end in a 3-some?
    Who wrote this and WHY would Jayden agree to this? I’d rather see the “father/doctor/wife-in-labor behind-the-flimsy-curtain” scene.

    1. I’d definitely tell my cheating boyfriend he can sleep on the couch while I dragged homewrecker Jaden to bed and fuck hard and loud while he listened

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