Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston

Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Impress Wide-Eyed Dallas Preston

‘Tis the season for stepbro sex, apparently! At least, that’s how things are shaping up Next Door, were last week they wished us “A Very Stepbro Christmas” (in a very hot threeway) and are now continuing the trend to celebrate the new year.

And frankly, if Jayden Marcos and his big dick are involved, I don’t care what the setup is—I’m there! Here, he lets stepbro Dallas Preston move in with him and the rest of his family. But given that we have already seen how Dallas is around his other stepbros (like in his Next Door debut with Shane Cook last month), we know where this is going.

Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston

Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston

Jayden isn’t quite as “bro” here as he is in his Fraternity Fantasies scenes, and the dialogue will stretch your patience (how many times can you fit the word “stepbrother” into a 36-minute scene? A lot!). But his voice is so fucking sexy, so who cares?! Things heat up when a hug goes a little further than Dallas expects as Jayden grabs his ass—and after some convincing, the two decide to just go for it.

Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston

Jayden Marcos, Dallas Preston

As with pretty much any Jayden scene, my favorite visual is watching someone try to suck his girthy dick. Dallas looks like his jaw might break, his mouth stretched nice and wide, and I fucking love it (you always get a nice reminder of just how big Jayden’s cock is with shots like this)! Dallas gets sucked back (aww, how sweet of Jayden) before getting his hole pounded deep, including a hot sit-down shot with the bottom’s cock bobbing around. The stepbro fantasy may not do anything for me, but Jayden does…so keep ’em coming!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Impress Wide-Eyed Dallas Preston”

  1. Jayden is one hot piece of ass and dick. The whole step relative incest theme is ridiculous though as it isn’t taboo.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Jayden is such a handsome and charming actor. Flawless physique. But he seems like such a stiff top. He needs to take twerking classes, ballet or some other kinds of dance/exercise to get his hips to be looser and more rhythmic. He’s like ALMOST the perfect package. Just drop, pop n lock it, dude.

      1. Universal Potentate

        God Yes! He has really good performances. He’s exceptional!! Just a tiny critique about the hips.
        I love that he’s versatile, bisexual and open to trans actors. He makes sex so sexy!!!

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