Sam Asghari

Oop! See The Photo Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari Just Deleted

You ever post a cute pic on the internet only to realize that your entire shaft is showing through your shorts and you need to immediately delete the picture off your social media? Well, that’s what happened here with Sam Asghari, the new husband of pop icon Britney Spears.

In the picture, we can see Sam, who has made headlines in the past for his questionable workout fashion choices, posing in what looks like a gym garage while wearing some tight shorts that show off everything. The VPL is strong here and basically gives us a full view of his shaft, head, and one of his balls. The image can no longer be found on his social channels as it was apparently quickly deleted after being originally shared. Screenshots are forever though, so take a look below and see Sam’s dick print for yourself:


10 thoughts on “Oop! See The Photo Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari Just Deleted”

      1. I highly doubt he is more hung than I am lol. He may be a grower but it still looks very small and probably doesn’t extend much pass 5 1/2 inches.

  1. Is this really news worthy? Come on the guys good looking. Should have included a bio or history on where he is from or family details.

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