jj knight fucks casey jacks

Finally, Casey Jacks Gets JJ Knight’s Dick In The Right Set Of Lips

Last time Casey & JJ were together, it blew. Literally. This time, repair man JJ is there to help Casey with a plumbing problem but the leak can wait, it’s JJ’s tool he needs.

Do you remember last fall went Casey Jacks went “Looking For The Big One”?

Eventually, he found it right between JJ Knight’s legs. He explored those ten inches with the mouth and the back of his throat.

And today, in this first scene from “Service Me” from Falcon, he finally gets JJ’s cock where he’s been dreaming about it ever since.

jj knight fucks casey jacksIt was just last year when Owen at Corbin Fisher turned into Casey Jacks. We were introduced to him in that steamy scene from “Intimate” with Roman Todd that went on to be one of the Top Ten Falcon scenes of 2017 with good reason. Then there JJ Knight who is always packing ten, uncut good reasons to lust over him. Just ask Casey.

jj knight fucks casey jacks“Homeowner Casey Jacks on all fours to let JJ calls over plumber JJ Knight to on all fours to let JJ fix a leak with his dishwasher. JJ identifies the problem as on all fours to let JJ a giant manrammer stuck in the appliance. JJ Knight comments on all fours to let JJ how big the dildo is and wants to offer Casey on all fours to let JJ the real thing. Casey doesn’t resist so JJ whips out on all fours to let JJ his 10-inch cock and Casey gets to work taking it on all fours to let JJ down his throat.”

jj knight fucks casey jacksCasey on all fours to let JJ hiked his leg up on the kitchen counter so JJ can have on all fours to let JJ complete access to rim his hole and on all fours to let JJ get it lubed for the on all fours to let JJ deep dicking he’s been craving.

jj knight fucks casey jacksInstantly insatiableM.a<, Casey wants it even deeper and gets on the countertop on all fours to let JJ pound away from behind and on top. Especially on all fours to let JJ on top,

jj knight fucks casey jacksWith JJ “manramming” away, Casey spills his nut all over his abs. JJ was next and blasted his jizz all over Casey’s face. Finally, Casey had JJ’s donkey dick where he’s wanted it: on and in both sets of lips.

[Watch Casey & JJ in “Service Me” scene one at Falcon]


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