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Blue Collar Balling With Dallas Steele & Mitch Vaughn

Legendary gay porn director Joe Gage gets back behind the camera to continue his sordid tale of flipping dads, horny sons, cocky coaches, and dirty drifter. This gay porn “Clash of the Titans.”

“Often considered the best, Joe Gage certainly had several of the most commercially successful gay porn films of the 70’s/early 80’s era. Interestingly enough, he left the “adult” business just as video was taking over film,” they wrote in BJLand.

Thanks to TitanMen, make Joe is adding new videos to his filmography with the premiere today of “Stopover in Bonds Corner”.

joe gage dallas steele mitch vaughn titanmenJoe Gage continues his blue collar chronicle with TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Dallas Steele supported by Mitch Vaughn, Luke Adams, Max Sargent, and man-magnet, Bruce Beckham in a celebratory tale of wanton lust.

[Watch “Stopover in Bonds Corner” at TitanMen]

The movie opens today with a greasy flip between drifter Dallas Steele and mechanic Mitch Vaughn.

joe gage dallas steele mitch vaughn titanmenAfter a memorable “doomsday bunker encounter”, Dallas Steele hitchhikes across the dessert after his Jeep breaks down. He gets picked up by Mitch Vaughn. But after a side-by-side piss break in the desert, the two make an unscheduled pit stop at Mitch’s shop when the lubes jobs are one the house and everyone has a turn on their backs.

joe gage dallas steele mitch vaughn titanmenWith a gay porn legend directing two gay porn pros, you’d expect big things. And that just what you get. The first one getting the big thing is Mitch Vaughn. The fucking mirrors the production values: top quality all the way.

joe gage dallas steele mitch vaughn titanmenEyeing Mitch’s cock, Dallas offers up his own hungry hole. Mitch doesn’t just fill Dallas, he grinds his dick into every corner, making Dallas explode. Mitch feeds Dallas his own cum, then busts his nut all over Dallas’ handsome face and thirsty, open mouth. And we’re just getting started.

[Watch Dallas & Mitch in “Stopover in Bonds Corner” scene one]

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