johnny torques first bottoming scene

What Goes Around, Cums Around: Johnny Torque’s Bareback Bottom Debut

Johnny Torque filmed his first scene in 2009. He’s been a top in every one of his 72 scenes since then. Until today.

When NextDoorRaw opened last month, Johnny Torque could be found dicking the likes of JJ Knight and Brenner Bolton. NextDoor renewed Johnny’s contract as an exclusive about a year ago. At the time, I bet they never saw this scene, err, cumming.

But by Halloween, Johnny was dropping a hint.

johnny torques first bottoming sceneWhether it was for a bigger paycheck or another contract renewal, today is the day. He chooses well. Markie More knows his way around a hole. Even one that’s never had a visitor on camera before.

johnny torques first bottoming sceneAs opposed to the seven mintue Tanner-Brandon let-down at Sean Cody, Markie’s dick is in Johnny for almost a half hour in Torque That Ass. He starts out slowly. Johnny is definitely feeling the burn.

johnny torques first bottoming sceneWhen they got to reverse cowboy, the pace had picked up. So had Johnny’s moans. Johnny rode himself home, and Markie creamed that freshly reamed hole … then stuck his cock right back in. See Johhny, even if it takes a while, what goes around, cums around.

[Watch Johnny Torque’s debut as a bareback bottom with Markie More at NextDoorRaw]

8 thoughts on “What Goes Around, Cums Around: Johnny Torque’s Bareback Bottom Debut”

  1. WOW bitter much?!?!? Just say you didnt like the scene or it wasnt beliveanle,but no need for personal attacks. Immature and bitchy. I remember my first time and while dont know/remember the faces I was making I assure you there was a lot of yeell and calling on GOD!

  2. that was one of the worst bottoming scenes I have seen in my life. Plenty of guys on the NDS raw site complained that Johnny was overacting pretending to be in agony. People need to remember the studio and the director told Johnny to act like that. It is just bullshit. Does anyone honestly believe this queen has never bottomed before off screen LOL! Come on NDS most of these so called gay for payers are actually gay or bisexual and many are hustlers.

    1. Ketanji Kwa Kwa Jackson

      I mean seriously?! The man is a tight ass virgin and her wrong hole is getting ripped to smithereens here. What is else she supposed to do? She ain’t no loose ass prolapse bitch Alexia Grantis. Pain is a normal human emotion. She was a good sport and took it like a bish for a hole hour. What if she played nasty nancy and pooped all over the bedsheets or kick Mercury’s jaw off from ganger. Would you like that?

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