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“Kaleb & Jayden: Bareback” A Star Is Porn

“Are you kidding me? I’ve never had anything, not even a finger, up my butt before,” says Kaleb. Jayden is about to change that. And for the better.

Opening yack yack and the occasional moon shot filmed with the GoPro in the car. “Things will never be the same,” Jayden tell him along with his plans to creampie his hole.

Jayden looks buff. There’s a good vibe between them. And that carries over as they walk into the bedroom and right into a lip lock.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyWith their bones making tents in their red and green shorts, Kaleb & Jayden looks like a gay porn Christmas present. Kaleb gets on his knees, unwraps Jayden and goes to work. He doesn’t get more than a few inches inside his mouth but A for effort. Kaleb lays on the bed. Dick is hard, shirts come off. Spit, finger, and Jayden rubs his dick over Kaleb’s hole until Kaleb says, “fuck me.”

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyWe get a beautiful closeup as Jayden’s veiny dick makes its way into uncharted territory. Kaleb’s instant moans are a bit over the top, but the condition of his dick says he’s not over this top. And this top is from over. The undercarriage and the overhead shots are spectacular. Jayden is not deep diving yet, but fucking at a steady pace and Kaleb is taking it like a champ.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyA quick ATM break and over to the sofa table. Jayden steadily picks up the pace here. The undercarriage shots are incredible once again. Kaleb was initially wilted but strokes himself to full fast as Jayden pounds away. He’s still pounding as Kaleb’s pounds out a heavy nut, perfectly captured from the side and underneath.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyJayden is about to have his moment. He rams in and stays there and delivers an internal nut. But fret not porn fans. Jayden spreads Kaleb’s cheeks and the camera shoots from underneath to catch Jayden’s nut making a flying exit out of Kaleb’s hole like sideways exclamation point that travels far enough to need a passport. He loads Kaleb home, kiss, and scene. And what a scene.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyAlready, this is one of the best deflowerings of the year and one of Sean Cody’s best scenes this year. Round two begins with Jayden rimming Kaleb who is laying on his stomach until Kaleb gets on all fours and twerks his tush on Jayden’s tongue. It does go on a bit too long, but since Kaleb is already set up for bed top doggie, Jayden takes the queue.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyWe see the pole enter the hole in a perfect overhead shot. When the camera returns to the side, we see Jayden’s has taken off the training wheels off and is pressing all the way to the balls now. He varies his speed and intensity and Kaleb once again does the twerk jerk, but this time, fully impaled.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyJayden grabs one of Kaleb’s legs for a brief raised scissor fuck before they move to the floor. Kaleb starts his descent on Jayden’s cock but Jayden doesn’t wait and starts fucking up into him until Kaleb is hard and that big honker of his is cutting through the air. Kaleb starts doing some riding and some jerking.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyJayden is delivering the dick non-stop and Kaleb delivers a high flying load caught in a you-are-there close up and with every inch of Jayden buried deep. Jayden keeps going, fires off his second internal of the day followed the load making a perfect exit all over Jayden’s balls before he loads the new bottom home.

kaleb fucked first time jayden sean codyFinally, the BTS shows that cast and crew did their homework this time and made sure Kaleb was ready for the task at hand. Everyone in front and behind the camera today did a stellar job. Jayden may not be everyone’s perfect idea of a top, but he was the perfect top for Kaleb today. And as for Kaleb, Sean Cody has a new bottom. And a hot one.

[Watch “Kaleb & Jayden: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Now that the ice has been cracked, who should fuck him next?

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  1. Jesus Christ that was a hot scene. I think the next one to take on Kalebs hole should be Noel. Is that boy even still at Sean Cody

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