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Kaleb Stryker Moves Away From For His First Scene Of 2022

There’s a familiar face that’s making his big NakedSword Originals debut today! Porn star Kaleb Stryker, who has been exclusively working with studios like Sean Cody and since early 2017, just made his first appearance with “the Netflix of gay porn” via the Marc MacNamara-directed film You Asked For It.

As we’ve mentioned before, this film is all about taking the world’s biggest gay porn search terms and bringing them to life in one all-encompassing project. The movie has already tackled threesomes, double penetration, and brother fuckers, but this week’s scene is all about “seducing the straight guy” and sees Kaleb trolling around while trying to fuck hetero gym crush Cliff Jensen.

Lucky for us viewers, Kaleb is successful in his horny endeavors and it doesn’t take much convincing before Cliff eventually gives into temptation and allows Kaleb to service his thick dick as the two relax near a secluded pool. Kaleb even bends backwards over some railing to swallow Cliff before squatting down to open up his hole for his straight buddy’s cock. Take a look at some action shots below:

In addition to this being the first major project that Kaleb has done outside of and Sean Cody, this is the first time he has appeared in a scene since Men published an 80s-themed video featuring him fucking Jay Seabrook in September of last year.

As for Cliff Jensen, who is also making his NakedSword Originals debut with this scene, the last time we saw him collab with Falcon | NakedSword was for 2011’s Blind Lust. In that vid, we got to see a blindfolded Cliff get sucked off by Cameron Foster before drilling him on an outdoor table. If you wanna see this throwback scene, you can go here.

So what do you think of the newest You Asked For It installment? Have you ever successfully seduced a straight guy? Are you a fan of Kaleb’s work with Men? Are you glad to see Cliff back at Falcon | NakedSword? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene over at NakedSword!

[Watch ‘You Asked For It’ w/ Kaleb Stryker & Cliff Jensen]


5 thoughts on “Kaleb Stryker Moves Away From For His First Scene Of 2022”

  1. Kaleb with his gorgeous uncut dick is bottoming too often. It’d be so hot to see him making more guys happy by topping more! And.. for the record, it’s great to see Cliff (and Christian Wilde) finally fucking bareback!

  2. Gotta agree, gimmicky G4P porn couldn’t be more yawn inducing, especially when you know they both have a woman at home they’d rather be bangin’. But then again, gotta make that moolah for their babies mama.

  3. Kaleb Stryker is a good looking guy with a fine booty. He deserves that good fuck from big bad boy top Cliff Jensen.

  4. Got to love a guy that will grab his cock and balls with gusto to keep them out of the shot. Now will he let his partners do the same?

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