Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox

Kane Fox Marvels At Tristan Hunter’s Bottoming Skills

While Tristan Hunter‘s exclusivity with Falcon|NakedSword produced one of my favorite porn pairings ever (with the jock riding the big dick of Cade Maddox), I’ve enjoyed seeing him branch out with other studios. We’ve already seen him show off his versatility in separate scenes with boyfriends Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx, and now we finally get a long overdue pairing that we would have never seen before.

In his fourth scene for CockyBoys, Tristan is paired with fellow cutie Kane Fox (while Kane has been showing off his versatility lately, he’s all top here, which is kind of a bummer because I love seeing Tristan flip). It’s a great duo with two big dicks, and watching Tristan slobber all over Kane’s big rod is just the start of the fun.

Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox

I am continually amazed how how hard and plump Tristan’s dick is as he gets fucked, no matter what position he’s taking it in. This scene is no exception, and he’s rock hard whether getting pounded from behind, on his back (where we get the best shot of Tristan’s bod and cock), or sitting down on the Kane cock.

Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox

Speaking of the latter position, it produces one of the cutest moments of the scene. Tristan sits down on the top and bounces like crazy, Kane smiling in amazement as he stares at the bottom doing all the work: “I don’s even have to fuck you!” he says (but he does, soon ramming his cock up like crazy from below). Tristan also impressively takes control when he backs up on the top while getting fucked against the window. I’m smitten with how Tristan stares at Kane as he gets fucked (would you look at that gaze?! My God, those eyebrows….he has the most handsome “getting fucked” face in all of porn!).

Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox Tristan Hunter, Kane Fox

As he fucks away, Kane fucks a load out of Tristan and sucks him dry—licking up his load to share a cummy kiss before delivering a hot open-mouth facial in a very wet and wonderful ending. Who would you like to see Tristan with next?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


12 thoughts on “Kane Fox Marvels At Tristan Hunter’s Bottoming Skills”

    1. Wondering about this too. Those comments were not it and totally destroyed any attraction I had towards him.

  1. The two seem to have great chemistry as genuine friends….and yet this scene doesn’t do anything for me. Kane never disappoints but Tristan just looks so empty that it sort of waters down the scene. I prefer his scene with Evan Knox.

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