Killian James and JP Dubois Get All Kinds of Piggy In ‘Sexperiment’ Ep. 3

The latest scene from NakedSword’s NY-shot, all-sex feature Sexperiment is a raw and sweatier turn after last week’s fashion-centric bit with Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder.

Director mr. Pam was experimenting with four different styles in the four scenes of Sexperiment, and this one is shot in duller, cooler tones and involves a bunch of toys — specifically it involves a butt plug and a prostate probe that both get shoved into JP Dubois’s clearly relaxed hole.

And, yes, Killian’s the top again here, which he was with Kyle Kash in Fame Game, as you may remember. And he does his best to satisfy insatiable bottom JP.











And tune in text week for the final episode, when Rocco Steele goes full Treasure Island on fuck buddy JD Phoenix’s ass.

[NakedSword Originals: Sexperiment, Episode 3]


4 thoughts on “Killian James and JP Dubois Get All Kinds of Piggy In ‘Sexperiment’ Ep. 3”

  1. I’Ve met him and I can say that not only he is one of the hottest British guys on earth, but he’s surprisingly polite, funny and funny to hang with. Hope he goes further in life.

  2. JP Dubois has a splendid body and an ass as nobody else. He is a fantastic performer. Expecting to see him in better scene than this one.

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