Like Steven Daigle, Cliff Jensen Has Been In Jail, Too

Here’s some behind the scenes footage from Assassin, in which Steven Daigle and Cliff Jensen find out that they have more in common than just being professional cock suckers.

During their behind the scenes banter (watch video below), we learn that Cliff has been behind bars before, and while we don’t know what for, it probably has something to do with Cliff’s recent tweets about having to go back to jail for violating probation. Jail is boring, but if you had a dick and a pretty mouth like Cliff’s, maybe it could be fun?

Watch Steven and Cliff’s scene here


[Lucas Entertainment: Assassin]

3 thoughts on “Like Steven Daigle, Cliff Jensen Has Been In Jail, Too”

  1. Cliff Jensen has been in Jail for many reasons. Grand Theft Auto, Violating probation, smoking marijuana, cohab abuse, domestic violence etc etc. You can google him and find his mug shot(s) even. He’s mostly known for the numerous women he’s beat up on. Plus he still maintains an out of state warrant.

    1. Well, I’m not one to usually defend Mr. Daigle, but I must admit he looked pretty good in person when I saw him last weekend at the Tin Room. He didn’t look creepy at all, I was rather stunned. I will admit that it was dark and smoky in there but still, I was pleasantly surprised. And I suppose we should support one of the few openly gay men in the biz these days. On a side note Cliff Jensen sure has a lovely piece, yum!

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