Matthew Rush: When Was He Hotter?

Matthew Rush. He’s huge! He has always been huge, but right now, he’s huge. Did you like him when he was a muscle man 10 years ago in Ready For More from Jocks, or do you prefer him now as a MUSCLE GOD on Dominic Ford?

I’d take either, of course, mostly because aside from what I can assume would be insanely good sex, it would be exciting to be with someone who could suffocate me with one of his thighs.


[Falcon: Matthew Rush; Dominic Ford: Matthew Rush Fucks Preston Steel]


23 thoughts on “Matthew Rush: When Was He Hotter?”

  1. Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart are too old now, they need to retire! Bring in some new “fresh” faces! They’ve been there forever and now they are into surgery to stay in da biz!

  2. Prosecution Evidence A & B – RETIRE ALREADY!!! The fact that he and others in the porn industry continue to keep showing up, shows how the industry is as flawed as the DJ industry!! Same old, same old,

    Retire, go away – you work/worked in an industry that loves youth!! Stop sucking up to the promoters/money people to keep your regular pay check!!!

  3. 10 years ago I will agree with…or the way before like he is pictured above. This new Matt does not do it for me.

  4. Personally I prefer him from around ten years ago. Love “Hazed” where he has this hilarious entrance dialogue. I love Matthew’s nice and funny persona he shows off in behind the scenes stuff (like in the making of “Drenched”).

    I don’t really care for the overly muscular look.

  5. Good Lord was a pretty young man when he was young. Then he grew up into a hott and sexxxy, hansome beast of a man. If either one were standing at my door I wouldn’t have a problem draggin him inside, chaining him to my bed, fucking him until the next morning and then letting him go home.

  6. For those of you taking verbal craps on how his face looks….he’s Thirty-fucking-seven. Men fucking age…me, you, all of us. Is there a little bit of sun damage on the face? Yes, probably. Is there a certain amount of facial bloat in the face in the physically older Matthew shot posted here? Yes, a little….but for a man who is a couple years shy of 4-0, he looks pretty good….I’d wager that he looks better than most men his age (and most commenting on this thread). The way you lot are going on, he should be one of the freezed-filled-botoxed twats on “Pretty Hurts” over on Logo. Aging gracefully is much sexier than indulging in a vain fight against wrinkles and lines.

  7. Hmmm, it’s hard to say. It’s not really a matter of whether he’s hotter then or hotter now, it’s a matter of personal preference. Would you like the boyish face, muscular body, and no tattoos? Or would you like mature look, muscular body, with tattoos? Some people like tattoos, some don’t. He’s hot in both pics.

  8. From the neck down, he still has a smoking body. From the neck up, you can see the cost of having that smoking body :(

  9. Um, are you sure it’s only 10 years between those pics?

    He hasnt aged well in the face, so i’d have to say the younger version is more attractive.

    His body seems to have aged nicely, but oh dear that head. Every line tells a story :/

  10. Christine Marinoni

    Uhhh, when can we go back to making fun of “little man” Chris Porter? That was WAY more fun last week, especially once he threw his tantrum with his own comment & tweets.

    1. Obsessive much?? Chris Porter is adorable, talented, hard working and kind to his fans and followers. you appear to be mean spirited and just not a nice person. Please go away.

  11. Matthew was soooooooooooooooooo attractive 10 years ago. He is sooooooooooooooooooooo attractive to day.
    And in between he has been sooooooooooooooooooo attractive.
    Happy Matthew’s boy friend

  12. Both the pics show signs of photoshopping. Personally, from the neck up I like him as he is now. Love the short hair and facial hair, and enjoy a mature look in the face.

    As for the neck down, I definitely prefer him when he first came out. Ever since Good as Gold came out, he seems to have a more bloated look rather than a lean muscle look from early Falcon years. He still has an attractive body, but it just looks like too much muscle mass imo. Either way, I wouldn’t kick either one of them out of my bed :)

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