“Family Launches Online Memorial For Late Sean Cody Model”

“On March 25, Matthew Bremer—better known as Sean Cody model “Sean”—passed way [sic] due to causes that haven’t been made public. But the death of this likeable, handsome and well-rounded 22-year-old stunned fans and SC insiders.”

Queerty, on the memorial site set up for Corbin Fisher’s Sean.

14 thoughts on ““Family Launches Online Memorial For Late Sean Cody Model””

  1. Wow! I am blown away by the evil queens in the Gay community. Let this kid rest in peace and his family have some closure.
    Sean was a beautiful person and doesn’t deserve all this crap in death.
    If you can’t say something nice then say nothing. I know that some of us have been bullied and it makes us say and do things
    but at some point in life you got to leave the bitchiness behind.
    Just asking that you respect this kid and his family.

  2. This is Jason. Matts dad. Normally Matt and I wouldn’t let these comment sections on these sites bothers us but some of these comments are just a little to much. Matt is the oldest of my 3 sons and my boys are my entire life. They are the reason I get up in the morning. There are no words to explain the pain I’m in over losing my oldest son, Matthew. That was my son, who I lived with, laughed with, worked with, not “Sean”, the Internet fantasy. I didnt drink and go hang out at bars. I spent my time and money on my sons. Giving them a life that only a select few will ever get to enjoy. They raced all over the country and were great at it. Some parents don’t even know what their kids look like and I was blessed to be able to spend an enormous amount of time with my kids just traveling the country for months on end together. I spent more on their racing than some people will make in an entire lifetime and would do it all over again.

    I didn’t start the website for Matt and it wasn’t my idea either. It was a complete stranger from Utah that did all this out of the kindness of his heart. I also didn’t ask anyone for a single penny for my sons funeral. I took care of him his entire life and I took care of his final arrangements. That is my responsibility not Corbin Fishers or his fans. I paid for his funeral in cash not a credit card do its already done and paid for. The donation page was the idea of a very nice gentlemen from Belgium. To date there is around $900 and it’s still in the PayPal account. I haven’t used a single penny of it and I will not. I am going to donate the entire amount to a charity with the Atv nationals that Matt liked and used alot. And I have been looking into another charity about bullying. Someone made a fake Facebook with all his corbin fisher photos on it a couple weeks before Matt died and did a mass friend request to all his friends. He laughed it off and thought the person that did it was just pathetic and had nothing better to do but it was still wrong. So once again, any money donated from outside my family members is being donated in Matt’s name to charity to help others. He always was helping people when he was here and that’s what I’m going to continue doing for him now that he gone.

    I am truly sorry for those that think Matt or myself are bad people for some reason. We would give the shirts off our backs and have. Someone always had a place to stay in our motorhome at the race. We would be up late helping fix our competitors bikes so Matt could beat the best. Not just win. We would give people parts out of our trailer and never ask for a dime. Matt was a great man. And I did my very best raising my sons. And if that isn’t good enough for some stranger on the Internet then I don’t know what else to say or do.

    Jason Hammond – Matt’s dad

    1. Jason,

      Thank you for sharing this with us. You sound like a good loving father and that is all that matters. Matt is and will be missed.

  3. Did anyone look over the site? I don’t think the family wanted the site, I think that whoever Jason Hammond is wanted the site. His name is everywhere, and it asks for donations for him, stating that he paid for the funeral? It’s weird and awkward

  4. I wish you assholes would post a photo along with your asshole comments so we can see what sad human beings you are. Have you ever lost anyone? Especially someone young, 22 year old beautiful guy and amazing person… way to young. This is so sad.

    Thank you for posting this Zach – Matthew’s family and friends are in my prayers.

  5. His family is fuuuuuucked up. I wonder why the dad had to come $10,000 out of pocket for the funeral…why didn’t Corbin Fisher cover the costs (since they have the money to pay $500,000 for gay.xxx and keep a skeezy lawyer on retainer).

    1. OneOfTheManyChris

      Duh, seven images of Lollipop are worth $1,000,000 and CF gave Dad permission to post 32 images therefore $4,571,428.57 in donations, which aren’t even tax deductible!

  6. Lighten up Bruce I’m sure Zach had no intention of being an asshole here. Hence the reason why everything is in quotations, meaning he’s quoting someone.

  7. OOPS!!!

    It’s funny because they changed the title of the page to “Corbin Fisher model” but the address bar (as of right now) still says “Sean Cody.”

    It’s not fair to blame them, really. Facts are HARD!

  8. slow news day huh zach? sean cody, corbin fisher…whats the difference. go eat a taco you pathetic piece of shit

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