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New ‘Disruptive Films’ Site Sets To Disrupt The Industry With Controversial Porn

Between TheBroNetwork, Raw Road Nation, and many, many others, there’s been plenty of brand new gay porn sites that have dropped in 2021, but the latest site to make its big debut is definitely the most unique of the bunch.

Helmed by award-winning director Bree Mills, Disruptive Films is set out do to just what its name says – be disruptive. Instead of the typical cheesy porn many of us are used to, the films featured on this site seem to take themselves very seriously. With some coming in at almost an hour in length, many videos on this site act more like short films than they do your average porn scene.

So far, this “disruptive” site has been featuring somewhat controversial scenarios in its videos. One video shows a mechanic threatening his coworker to suck him off or he’ll get everyone to kick his ass. Another video, entitled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, gets into the life of a closeted military man and the studio’s most recent scene is all about someone blackmailing their sister’s boyfriend and forcing them to have sex.

While those are all topics I’m sure we’ve all seen in porn before, Disruptive Films’ videos remove all the usual camp that you’d expect, so instead of a lighthearted or extremely cheesy scene, we’re left with a hardcore and straightforward short film. The studio seems to know that these topics presented in this fashion might possibly offend some viewers and has even gone on to include a warning ahead of each of its videos:

“The following video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing,” reads the disclaimer. “The plots and relationships depicted in this video are fictional, and performed by consenting adult performers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.”

One of the more “disruptive” things that Bree Mills is bringing to the studio is its use of female characters in the supporting casts for scenes. The director issued a statement in the comment section of an upcoming Disruptive Films project that dives into their frustration with the “lack of supporting characters to round out the story” in many gay porn films.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I know what we are all here to see!” wrote Bree in the comments of the Mexico border-themed film Point of Entry. “And I want to respect the desires of our audience. But, when the story itself benefits from including characters outside the sex scene, I feel it makes a stronger (and more realistic) story if we are inclusive.”

In the same statement, Bree goes on to shade studios that “only feature women as the butt of jokes” (hello, Men.com!) and reveal that a few more videos coming out later this year from Disruptive Films will include “actresses playing minor non-sex roles.”

Despite the addition of some women in non-sex supporting roles, the main focus of this site is obviously still the men. Porn stars with videos already up on Disruptive Films include Roman Todd, Justin Matthews, and Dalton Riley. Many other stars including Romeo Davis, Adrian Hart, and Jack Hunter are set to make their Disruptive debut in the upcoming weeks.

Disruptive Films’ largest cast of famous porn hunks comes from its first-ever feature film, The Last Course. The murder mystery movie features an incredibly large cast including Brandon Anderson, Cameron Dalile, Chris Damned, Dakota Payne, Dante Colle, Jim Fit, Johnny Ford, Johnny Hunter, Lance Hart, Michael Boston, Michael Del Ray, and Trevor Harris.

According to the studio, the production on The Last Course took a whopping six months. The film, which is set to be released in three acts starting in September, is “anchored by dramatic acting performances” and “high energy sex that culminates in an unforgettable orgy.”

“Bringing this film to life truly became a passion of mine. It was challenging, exciting, and one of the highlights of my career,” said Last Course producer and Disruptive Films director Walden Woods. “Every single person from the production assistants, to the super talented videographers, to the incredible cast were able to bring their A-game and create something I think will really disrupt this industry and show the world something that has never been seen before!”

The Disruptive Films site officially launches on September 17, but the studio is currently offering a “select audience” to sign up for the site right now. As part of this pre-launch, Disruptive Films is offering memberships for as little as $7.95/month. This gives you early access to the site, the ability to stream and download, and pre-screen one movie a week. Head here for more info on that sale.

So what do you think of this new porn studio? Do you like watching porn with extreme amounts of plot? Do you like your porn to have a serious tone or do you prefer more campy gay porn? Will you be signing up for this new bareback site?

Sound off in the comments with your hot thoughts and be sure to check out everything this studio has to offer over at DisruptiveFilms.com.

[Distruptive Films Early Access]


31 thoughts on “New ‘Disruptive Films’ Site Sets To Disrupt The Industry With Controversial Porn”

  1. I like this site, it is different from other sites, if you don’t like a certain films storyline don’t watch, as for more blacks in their storys give them time, I’m sure you will see more men of color, they have just started, so give them a chance.

  2. Apparently, Disruptive will fall into the same mistake as BoyforSale – although BoyforSale is infinitely worse -: themes which make people disturbed. It’s not cool to sell harassment, blackmail and rape as exciting. Total pass.

    1. ifoundthemalekarenheshere

      its caled acting hun. They are not saying its ok. they even put a warning at the start. Stop being so delusional and sensitive

  3. Christian Labeaux

    I thought sites like kink.com already did this and have for some time now?
    Even other traditional, mainstream sites have used a sling or pushed the envelope in some way. Not my cup of tea at all. Never has been, never will be.
    How exactly is this supposed to be controversial? Last thought, not one of these models I care one bit for, but they did manage to get some good directors onboard.

  4. So it sounds like the site is celebrating bullying and trying to make it sexy. I have no doubt countless gay men have fantasies about either being a bully or being bullied. It’s just another Dom/sub thing.

  5. Bree Mills? What is this another Nica Noelle. Women need to stop getting involved making gay porn they just ruin it.

  6. This is why we can’t have any nice things. Someone is trying something new and you all shit on it just because it doesn’t have porn stars to your liking.

    1. If they wanted to try something new, then where is the diversity? Just bc you put one Black actor in there does not make it diverse.

  7. I can’t with all you sjw, the producers are doing a good job they’re only casting hot white men because that’s what sell. Tough shit but money talks. Not their fault blacks and hispanics don’t bring in money it’s a tough industry and I applaud the producers on not bowing down to the pc culture.

  8. I too like the others, will hold off on becoming a member until there is a more diverse cast of actors. Otherwise it becomes another NDS spinoff.

    1. The industry needs more Black producers, in order to be more diverse. That in turn sets the motion for more actors instead of the typical all White cast. Adrian is set to make an appearance.

      1. It’s not even a gay man making this content it’s a cis white woman so you know this will be a crap website.

  9. It’s very disappointing that they went with an all-white cast. Where’s the diversity Bree Mills?

    Hopefully that changes, I know I’m going to hold off on getting a membership until I see BIPOC models.

  10. I like that kind of film. It’s less amateur, more professional and smoother. It’s appreciable and the actors know how to act. Can’t wait to see the movies.

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