OMFG, it’s D.O.


A new layout of model/person who makes me want to die/gay porn star D.O. from photographer Thomas Synnamon has been revealed on The Male Form. You know how some models never look as good in person as they do in pictures like this? Like, their bodies aren’t as toned and their skin isn’t as flawless and their faces are never as symmetrically perfect? Well, D.O. actually looks even better in person. Like, every single inch of him is flawless in real life, and he’s polite and charming, and have you seen the way he fucks?

Anyway, have fun with these.


[D.O. movies on NakedSword]


26 thoughts on “OMFG, it’s D.O.”

  1. Overproduced photos? Fashion model attitude? Well, he was a fashion model back in Argentine for many years so it’s natural that he strikes a pose every time he’s in front of a camera. Old habits die hard, they say and actually the man knows how to pose, just take a look at the photos done with photographer Diego Lemas a.k.a. Quemas.

    And yes, every single photo nowadays is post-produced in terms of color adjust, contrast, brightness, etc. Not to mention that before the shot they have to put some make-up to avoid the skin brights with the flashes, to fade dark circles under the eyes. But, retouched? I’m a graphic designer and I don’t think so. Airbrush? Just take a few minutes (if you’re not used to) and look at the 4th photo from top to bottom: you can see the pores on his skin and even some wrinkles around his mouth and eyes. The airbrush fade all those details, also does it the most of the tools.

    All that said, I must agree that he must bottom, at least on cam (what he does in his private life is all his own business, so we don’t know). His ass is (IMHO) too beautiful and I think it would look stunning with a cook between his cheeks. But the top/bottom issue is not always just a decision of the actor, sometimes the studios decide that. For example Derek Diamond was mostly a bottom on camera but he said that in his personal life he’s more of a top. Or Tom Chase in the other hand, he wanted to bottom (and he’s really a hungry bottom) but because of his looks the producers decided that he must be a top.

  2. mr man, u need glasses urgently: do sucks with passion? NEVER ! DO french kisses? lips to lips but a passionate french kiss? NEVER! Yes, he fucks and that’s it……….Yes, kit is as if i’m watching a straight dude when he’s doing porn. Perhaps he does need a good director

  3. I’m surprised about the negative comments considering D.O is a gay man, with a flawless body and gorgeous face. Jealous much?

    He sucks dick, eats ass and fucks with passion.

    Yet, all people can pick at is his hair, his poses and his name? give me a break.

    Ok, go back to next door boys and watch some straight dude, and then whine about it afterwards. You can’t have it both ways.

  4. I have also met him on a couple of occasions. And, yes, he is as nice as he is beautiful. All of his photos seem overproduced. It would be nice to seem him without all of the glamour poses. Regarding his gay porn performances, Unfortunately, I find him pretty bland.

  5. 1. I HATE that hair, all hair and no face
    2. he never french kisses notr does he suck with passion
    3. he should bottom
    4. yes, he IS cute BUT (see 1+2+3)

  6. He is a beautiful man. Don’t know how he is in real-life but he comes off as cold on camera. Not cold as in not-into-the-sex, on that he is hot, but cold personality.
    And he needs to bottom.

  7. Carlos Eduardo

    At the first time you see D.O. he looks stunning, but then you see that he is not that beautiful and he’s body is lean he don’t have big muscles. The only good thing he has is the cock.

    1. he doesn’t have big muscles?? are you nuts??
      I also think there’s some photoshop in the complexion, but I’m sure he looks as stunning in real life.

  8. Great set of pics and I love the way his hair in is his pic. Definitely prefer him with facial hair. And yes he needs to bottom! He’s an ok top it’s a good thing his looks carry him very far!

  9. You gotta be kidding,this man is PERFECT!!!.I just love him,just hope one day he’ll do a scene bottoming,is that possible?:-|

  10. He is hot but this is ridic. Somebody went overboard with the airbrush tool. Also, he does always have that “I’m a high fashion model” pose goin on. What the hell does “D.O.” stand for anyway?

    1. D.O. stands for Dionisio. And, if you read what I wrote above, these photos aren’t airbrushed. He looks like this (even more perfect, actually) in real life.

      1. Uh huh, TOTALLY. Dionisio? Why wouldn’t one just think to say that? Anyway, I retouch photos and it’s clear as day. Especially his cheek area compared to his neck skin. His ass as well.

  11. I love D.O. Don’t get me wrong. He is a hot guy but… it is way overproduced: the hair, the expressions… too intenses..oh.. did I say the hair?

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