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Major League Ball Turned Inside “Out!”

“Out!” from TitanMen reaffirms that in both bed and baseball, coming out makes it much more possible for big things to cum in.

Blind items, innuendoes, and sexual speculation are nothing new in the world of professional sports. TitanMen’s new film, “Out,” is an erotic fable of what would happen if a Hall of Famer didn’t wait to exit the spotlight before exiting the closet.

TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman plays A.J. Benson, “a legendary catcher and current manager of the three-time world champion San Francisco Titans.”

“Out!” also features TitanMen exclusives Eric Nero, Nick Prescott, Dallas Steele, and Diesel Washington. Rounding out the cast is Luke Adams and Jesse’s real-life husband Dirk Caber.

The first scene opens with A.J. having some quality time with his pitching coach, Nick Prescott.
out from titanmen
Nick Prescott is perfectly cast and looks as hot as he did in “Cauke for President.” As for A.J./Jesse, despite quite a career, I don’t think he’s ever looked better. They are perfect together.

out from titanmen
Of course, where there are sweaty jocks, there are sweaty jock straps.

And where you find Jesse Jackman and Nick Prescott, there is fucking.

out from titanmen
Plenty of fucking. No wonder these two are MVP’s. They are both world-class pitchers and catchers.

[Watch Jesse Jackman and Nick Prescott in “Out!” from TitanMen]

4 thoughts on “Major League Ball Turned Inside “Out!””

  1. The sex looks piping cold! This video looks boring as hell. Diesel Washington fucking a white guy…how revolutionary?!?!

    1. What an ignorant reply. Whilst everyone has their own opinions of what constitutes hot sex the only thing cold in here is somehow dragging race into this. Bugger off hater.

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