Party On, Bros!

Next Door Studios recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe I’ve been jerking off to gay guys sucking str8 guys’ cocks for 10 years, but time flies when you hate yourself. Photos from the tittie and testosterone fueled party, which was at the infamous “hilltop Next Door Studios mansion,” are below, and the only thing missing was beer pong.

Dominic Pacifico looking a little overdressed alongside Marcus Mojo and Johnny Torque; Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo fist bump (no homo).

Samuel O’Toole in a cute white belt; Cody Cummings captions his own photo with Johnny Torque: “I’m with the guy who sucked my dick.

The evening’s entertainment arrives.

Retiree Tommy D. makes a cameo; fake tit.

A nip slip? Freak dancing on a box? Please. I wish Mason Wyler, who is still under contract with Next Door, had been invited to show these hos what a real slut does at a party full of straight guys.

James Jamesson got high the end.

[Mick Hicks]

23 thoughts on “Party On, Bros!”

    1. So true. I don’t know if they still do this or not but at Playboy mansion parties they used to make girls who wanted an invite submit a photo and were subject to approval by “mansion staff” (that would be Hef). None of these girls would be allowed to be within a 30 mile radius of the mansion. The male to female ratio at these parties was something like 10 to 1.

  1. I hate the gay4pay marketing, but that party looks hot. Not sure to jerk off or shower because of feeling dirty.

  2. Huitzilopochtli

    The only ones looking HOT in those pictures are and in no paticular order. The Ladies, Tommy D, Kevin C,James J and the guy in his picture and Johnny T. and Dominic P. All others have strikes against them for stupid,things said in interviews or videos.

  3. Huitzilopochtli

    Thank-You Asenath somebody with some sense alon with Kelo and a few choice others. ;)

    Mojo still HOT even after his alleged homophobic slurs with Austin Wilde video was pulled WT Franklin Delano is the world coming to. To STILL find him HOT PATHETIC and SAD and speaks badly for *some* in the Gay community.

    1. Oh, I think there are certainly some straight guys doing something strange for change in these pictures. Anyone who has seen the wooden sexual performances at Next Door can attest to that. I just don’t think Miss Torque is one of them. ;)

      1. haha, wooden?? You may have a case in some of the Twink scenes with young guys that’ve never done porn before (which is a turn on in itself to a lot of people), but WOODEN??? Gimme a break. Austin, Mojo, Torque, Sammy, and Rod Daily are some of the best, most passionate performers in the biz. When you have the array of content Next Door does, you’re probably going to run into a few scenes that aren’t packed with emotion the whole way through. But actually think about it for a second.

          1. hmmmm, Best Original Content? I think that’s EXACTLY the point I was making??

  4. So, you don’t just think that’s a faraway longing and a heart full of secret pain in Jimbo’s eyes, then? (Oh, god. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.)

    Who the hell does Johnny Torque think he’s fooling, telling everybody he’s straight. I don’t usually speculate, but. . .

      1. Yes, Christian/Christina is sometimes called Bambi and she has been doing the Make-up at NDS for a long time now.

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