Brent Corrigan Sings!

He’s no Zeb Atlas–and that’s a good thing. Here’s your first look at Brent Corrigan singing, acting, and gaying it up in the indie gay movie I Was A Teenage Werebear. Do not ask me to tell you what a werebear is.

Werebear won the Best Short award at the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival two weeks ago, and it’s supposed to be a horror movie? Only in a gay horror movie will you find porn stars singing. And about that singing? There’s no question that Brent Corrigan is a better bottom than he is a singer, but that’s not the point. Brent can sing–in the campy gay indie movie kind of way that totally works. The other thing that works is that Brent Corrigan fully clothed has just as much (if not more) screen presence as Brent Corrigan naked.

For a horror movie, this is cute!



 From the film festival:

9 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan Sings!”

  1. Well, I think that Brent, or Sean is breaking the code doing interesting projects to become an actor.
    And I think he’s doing fine. He has never said that he was a singer, or a dancer. He’s in the road of learning
    and earning experience and knowledge, in Juda’s Kiss he is really cool. He’s making a difference doing the
    dream of becoming and actor after be one of the hottest porn star. Who could say the same?

  2. I would give anything to pleasure his hole. He is so god damn beautiful. I met him last year during pride. He was pretty nice.

  3. Someone’s taking those Zac Efron comparisons too seriously…. and even Zefron moved on from High School Musical already. >_>

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