Please ID:’s “James”

Do you know how many nude male models there are named James? Millions.

Do you know how many times I have Googled the words “Playgirl” and “James” in the hopes that I would find out more about this nude male model who is meant to be with me forever? Even more millions.

His Playgirl photos came out in July of 2007, his name is James, but that’s all I know. There has to be more of him? Where is there more of him? Every few months, one of these pics will pop up on some random blog, and every single time, I die.

You guys are a lot better at recognizing people/putting two and two together than I am (also, I am incredibly lazy!), so please, I beg of you, tell me: Was Playgirl James’ only job? Is he anywhere else, on the Internet? Help?


22 thoughts on “Please ID:’s “James””

  1. I left the website in the website column (probably did it wrong) but all I can see is James Kibler on that website, I don’t know if someone posting before me already mentioned it but that’s all I can come up with.

  2. Actually if you google images for Sean James Patrick Shawn Metts these (along with a few others) are the photos that show up. Is that his real name? Highly unlikely however, by using the links provided you can build from there and possibly come up with more detail. Some other photos do show up on myspace ( that appear to be him. The photographer for the Playgirl shoot was Andrew Giammarco and he too has a website ( … there is no way he is going to tell you this guys real name however, it is possible that the site might have more photos but it doesn’t appear from a brief review that Giammarco specializes in nude work (or at least posts it to his website). Good luck.

  3. Gorgeous man. Nice natural body. Beautiful cock. At first glance I thought he looked a bit like Grey Damon from ‘Friday Night Lights’. Good luck finding more of this stud and please post it when you do!

  4. Isn’t the mystery of his persona what does make him so attractive?
    dont know about you but to me is like those fairy tales where you don’t want to know the end cause you already create one of your own.

        1. Oh well. I thought it was a bit iffy he’s so inarticulate for someone doing a Master’s degree and his full name is Sean Shawn-Metts? Maybe there’s someone out there called that but I can’t imagine a parent thinking “I know what. I’ll call him Sean Shawn.”

  5. I have some pictures labeled “Thiago Rufinelli” that look very much like him. Even if I’m wrong, I’m sure you’d enjoy Googling his name.

    (This is my very first comment on The Sword. I enjoy the site!)

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