Golden Gate Season Finale: Johnny Torque Helps Shane Frost Do Some Yoga

I have never done yoga, but if this is what yoga is (fucking your yoga instructor), I would be willing to try yoga! Here is Johnny Torque seducing Shane Frost by, apparently, not wearing any underwear. By the way, happy birthday, Shane Frost! (Today is Shane Frost’s birthday.) The hardcore trailer:


This season of Golden Gate might be over, but production on the 4th season has already begun, and shooting starts later this month. And for the first time ever, some of the new season will be shot outside of San Francisco. What?

A new storyline will find several season one Golden Gate stars venturing outside of the city–and outside of the state–next season. Some will shoot in SF, and some will shoot in another major American city. Where, and who? I can’t say, yet!

In the meantime, watch all of Golden Gate’s three full seasons. And congratulations again to the winner of this season’s contest, Mark G., whose trip to Folsom is in just a couple weeks, and whose winning scene treatment will be used in the upcoming 4th season.

[Golden Gate “Downward Dog”: Johnny Torque Fucks Shane Frost]

7 thoughts on “<em>Golden Gate</em> Season Finale: Johnny Torque Helps Shane Frost Do Some Yoga”

  1. Shane is so fucking sexy, he never takes a bad pic and never has a bad scene. Torque is getting hotter by the minute, love his body.

  2. Johnny Torque as a practitioner of a discipline that involves contemplating something other than his next eyebrow wax? My willing suspension of disbelief is not that flexible.

  3. Yoga is so fucking sexy. Like the hippy geek that’s got the best body.. it delivers in all the best, most awesome ways.

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