rafael alencar fucks brendan phillips

Brendan Phillips’ Mail Order Husband Came COD

Since we’re talking about Rafael Alencar here, COD doesn’t mean “cash on delivery.” It means “cock on demand”.

When Men.com gets it right, they really get it right. That’s the case today with “Mail Order Husband Part 1”. The plot is self-explanatory and perfectly cast.

Yes, our “International Playboy” is ready to settle down and Brendan has their little love nest all ready and a judge waiting at City Hall. Of course, once he sees Rafael long schlong, the ceremony will have to wait since Brendan can’t wait to try on his future husband for size.

rafael alencar fucks brendan phillipsThe set-up is quick and well done. Rafael is sexily adorable as a fresh foreigner whose command of English needs some work. Imagine playing charades with Ricky Ricardo and you get the idea. But most importantly, Brendan gets that dick and Rafael serves him up one righteous fuck.

rafael alencar fucks brendan phillipsRafael is slipping into something appropriate to get married in but first, his dick slips it’s way all the way down Brendan’s throat.

rafael alencar fucks brendan phillips“It takes a real man to weather anal bombardment by Rafael’s massive piece of meat. Brendan is more than up for the challenge.”

rafael alencar fucks brendan phillipsRelentless, interminable, and unstoppable all describe the pounding Brendan gets from Rafael today. Bent over, riding, and finally on his back. Rafael pumps a thick load out of Brendan. Then, yep, you guessed it: here cums the groom.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Rafael Alencar in “Mail Order Husband” part one]

4 thoughts on “Brendan Phillips’ Mail Order Husband Came COD”

  1. I love this series has a new gay twist mail-order husbands please make some more of this series but this time I have an interracial couple in it hope you make some more for the holidays

  2. Right, this time Rafael looks fresh! When there will be a good and long scene showing Rafel perfect smooth ass being rimmed by a champion?

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