Raging Stallion Invites You To Come Inside ‘The Beach House’

Summer isn’t over just yet! Over on RagingStallion.com, loads of your favorite scruffy studs are still soaking up the sun and ending the season with a bang by flocking over to their favorite East Coast vacation destination – The Beach House.

Directed by the award-winning Steve Cruz, this film focuses on eight porn star pals as they take to the shore of Myrtle Beach to relax while enjoying their surroundings and each other’s bodies. Along with appearances from Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Beau Butler and Drew Valentino, The Beach House gives us the Raging Stallion return of Nicholas Ryder and Caden Jackson along with the Raging debuts of Cole Ryan, Heath Halo, Tryp Bates, and Ryder Flynn.

Between the movie’s shirtless action on the beach and the sexual tension-filled fishing moments, it looks The Beach House is giving us plenty of content to look forward to, but its finale fourgy is what we’re most excited for. In that two-part scene, we’ll get to watch Beau Butler spend his afternoon getting covered in cum by horny buddies Heath Halo, Ryder Flynn, and Cole Ryan. I mean, who doesn’t love a Raging Stallion group fuck?! 

Get your first look at The Beach House below – and head here if you want to see a much, much, much more explicit version of the trailer. After that, let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments below and be sure to watch the debut episode of The Beach House when it hits RagingStallion.com this Friday!



11 thoughts on “Raging Stallion Invites You To Come Inside ‘The Beach House’”

  1. I was tired of Beau Butler, but he gained points with me again with the answers he gave to Pierce Paris, who has been talking a lot of nonsense lately. Drew Valentino tries to be funny, but he doesn’t always succeed.

    1. Having met Beau in person, I can assure you, he does not have the intellect to have come up with any of those answers. He definitely had someone else script them for him.
      You are right on about Drew- except I have yet to find any situation where he has ever been funny.

  2. Beau Butler and Drew Valentino are part of RS brand….e.g. who’s their audience (Boomer beach house folks?) and can we really call them performers at this mechanical, non-connected point in their careers? Mercifully, there are some fresh-ish faces here to (kinda) obscure the ubiquitous repetition of RS’s exclusives and their lackluster performances and physical state. Curious if the new recruitment continues (and expands RS’s talent pool vs taking from other studios’ past-their-prime performers and reinvent them over and over and over again.)

  3. Another tragedy starring dipshit Beau Butler, his worn out butthole and tiny cock and failed stand up “comedian” Drew Valentino. A case of genital ringworm is funnier than Drew.

      1. Lol- you seem to know a lot about me for not knowing me at all. If I had chosen to do porn as a “career” I would definitely not be rejected.
        But bless your simple little heart

  4. Universal Potentate

    I’m not sure what this “type” of guy is, but they are definitely not mine.
    I kinda don’t get the Beau Butler craze either.
    Nothing against him or anything. He just holds a look that isn’t designed to stand out.
    He and the guys are muscular but not fit; hairy but not rugged; serious but not masculine; nice asses & dicks but no WOW factor; turn in good scenes but nothing jo worthy. He seems like the best karaoke singer in the gay bar.
    It’s like a testament to compromise and mediocrity.
    Maybe that works for a large market of people and that’s wonderful. Just my view.

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