Randy Blue Didn’t Even Bother Switching Hotel Rooms For Two Latest Scenes

For the most recent two updates on Randy Blue, the models are fucking in the exact same hotel room. Way to splurge, you guys!

Ever since they became a bareback studio, the quality over at Randy Blue has been slipping. But this latest pair of scenes might mark a new low?

There’s something up, overall, at the studio given that they haven’t updated their affiliate content site in three weeks, meaning that I don’t even have promo shots to show you from the scene, or trailers to embed, just screengrabs.

First we had this fuckshow with “straight porn star” Joey Rico, who has done plenty of gay porn on Dirty Tony, Men.com and elsewhere, fucking Owen Hudson.

Note the headboards and paintings…



That scene was followed immediately by this latest one, with Scotty Marx taking it up the butt from Fabio Acconi, and you’ll see that even though the shots are a little tighter, maybe in an effort to hide the fact that they’re using the same room and bed for two consecutive scenes, it is the same room.

Hopefully they at least changed the sheets?



Also, it’s a wonder they even got Scotty Marx to keep working there after they made him fuck Mr. Eyebrows over here a couple months back, whose porn name is Colin Maxwell.


That would have been my to cue to exit right there.

[Randy Blue: Owen Hudson gets bred bareback by Straight Porn Star Joey Rico]
[Randy Blue: Fabio Acconi Barebacks Scotty Marx]


1 thought on “Randy Blue Didn’t Even Bother Switching Hotel Rooms For Two Latest Scenes”

  1. I do agree that quality has gone down at Randy Blue but that’s not the same room. Those are two different rooms. They have similar paintings but the orientation is completely different. Also, the wood paneling over the bed is different too.

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