Took Six Of Their Hottest Models On That Cruise, and Now It’s Featured in ‘Men at Sea’

Kicking off the holiday season, will be bringing us the Men At Sea series, starring six of their top stars: Vadim Black, Alex Mecum, Luke Adams, Brenner Bolton, Johnny Rapid, and Landon Mycles. And it was all shot while on that cruise back in October which they held the contest for.

Below are some teaser images that they’ve just teased out of all six boys on the beach, enjoying each other’s beauty. But Part 1, which drops on Sunday, December 6, appears to have been shot right on a deck of the ship itself. It features Vadim Black exploring the hole of Alex Mecum.


I was kind of wondering how this was all going to work — a small cast and crew from a gay porn studio along with one or two fans, aboard a boat with a thousand other people who had no idea who they were or what they were doing. Will Royal Caribbean appreciate this? We shall see.

Next up, in Part 2, Landon Mycles gets fucked by Luke Adams, with them first blowing each other out on the deck, which looks hot. And after that I guess Brenner and Johnny will be fucking, and then a big six-way orgy in the cruise ship’s hot tub?

Paul Wagner was also supposed to be on this cruise too, and you can see Colby Jansen in the clip below, so look for them to show up in some other series that got shot while on this trip.












[ Men at Sea, Part 1] released Dec. 6
[ Men at Sea, Part 2] released Dec. 9

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