spit roasting casey jacks

The Righteous Spit-Roasting Of Casey Jacks

So what goes down when the insatiable Casey Jacks meets up with two first-time fuckers making their bareback and blue screen debut? Just about everything.

One of the highlights of the summer was seeing how hot the former Owen at Corbin Fisher looked rechristened as Casey Jacks in that smoldering scene with Roman Todd in “Intimate” for Falcon.

And one of the highlights of today is the double debut of Judas King and Derrick and his nine-inches fucking for the first time on camera at GuysAtSweatpants (GiSP). They’re not just fucking: they are tag teaming is Casey Jacks.

Let’s meet the meat:
spit roasting casey jacks

spit roasting casey jacks“They explored all of their exhibitionist sides by fooling around outside on the rooftop balcony. Derrick is packing a nice 9″ uncut cock that took Casey a minute to get used to, but then he was in absolute heaven! None of his Casey’s holes ever went unfilled. Judas was hitting all the right spots. It made Casey cum without expecting it! But Casey let them both keep fucking him until they all came all over, and in, his perfect bubble butt.”

spit roasting casey jacksThe aforementioned nine inches on Derrick wasn’t creative writing or wishful porn speak. Though it doesn’t get that much airtime as one of Casey’s holes was almost always surrounding it to the short and curlies.

spit roasting casey jacksOnce Casey’s windpipe has been thoroughly swabbed by Derrick’s dick, Casey climbed on for a hard, hungry ride while Judas’ mouth kept both of Derrick’s heads engaged.

spit roasting casey jacksThat curve of Judas’ cock made it easy to part Casey’s cheeks while Casey finished his snack on Derrick’s dick. And while everyone went home with a smile on their faces, Casey made the trip with a loaded hole and very sticky cheeks.

[Watch Casey, Judas, & Derrick in “Bareback Threesome” at GuysInSweatpants]

We’ve seen him bearded, scruff, and clean shaven. Which one does Casey wear best?

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