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This Spit-Roasting is “High N’ Tight”

For Rikk York, Mick Stallone, & Jackson Grant today, tipping your barber and topping your barber are one in the same.

We covered the announcement yesterday: it’s now Raging Stallion exclusive Rikk York. Along with that is a clear signal from the Falcon Studios Group (FSG): Raging Stallion is returning to its roots as the hardcore celebration of the rugged, natural man.

rikk york mick stallone jackson grant raging stallionRikk is making his debut as an exclusive in today in the first scene from Raging Stallion’s new DVD, “High N’ Tight”. Directed by Steve Cruz, “High N’ Tight” is a barber shop that offers the fulfillment of their clients’ sexual desires along with every cut and trim.

FSG exclusive Bruno Bernal, along with Bennett Anthony, Ace Era, Ryan Cruz, Gage Unkut will all be stopping by. But the first appointment is with Rikk, Mick Stallone, and Jackson Grant.

rikk york mick stallone jackson grant raging stallionPart leatherman, part barber, uncut, inked, and hairy, Rikk York and his assistant Jackson Grant pride themselves on running a full-service establishment catering to hirsute clientele. Mick Stallone is new in town. He was asking where to meet some local men. Turns out, a glance in the mirror showed Jackson Grant was ready to “meat” him right then and there.

rikk york mick stallone jackson grant raging stallionWith Jackson now stroking himself in the open, Mick doing the same under the smock was an invitation. As their clothes come off, it’s clear: our men have more hair below their necks than above. But more importantly, the clippers stop at the jaw line. Good thing: their jaws are soon very busy.

rikk york mick stallone jackson grant raging stallionDouble sucking and deep rimming pave the way for Jackson’s cock to find its way down Rikk’s throat and Mick starts plowing Rikk’s hairy, hungry hole.

rikk york mick stallone jackson grant raging stallionThe don’t call Rikk a “versatile virtuoso” for nothing. He and Mick trade lip locks and dicks while Jackson rides Rikk on the other end. Mick makes out with Jackson as Rikk eats Mick’s furry hole until Jackson and Mick blow their loads on Rikk’s hairy abs at the same time. Then Rikk tops it all off with his own blast. Before the cum can begin to dry, everyone is wondering who the next appointment belongs to. Or is it the next load?

[Watch Rikk, Jackson, & Mick in “High N’ Tight” scene one]

So this was Rikk’s first star turn as a Raging Stallion exclusive. I’m already ready for more: what about you?

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