ryan rose fucks pheonix fellington

What A $10K Grunge Fuck Looks Like

Ryan Rose puts more miles on Pheonix Fellington’s perfect ass than Pheonix put on the new bike before he crashed it. While the amount of cum Ryan sprays all over Pheonix can only be measured in gallons.

Ripped, hung, handsome, and hot, Pheonix Fellington makes his NakedSword Original’s debut in “Layin it Down”, the second scene from “MXXX: The Hardest Ride”.

As with last week, from the first frame, it’s clear that “MXXX: The Hardest Ride” is equal parts big screen blockbuster and blue screen ball buster.

And we haven’t even started exploring the attributes of his ass yet. But Ryan Rose will give us a that guided tour of what’s around, and in between, every perfect curve.

ryan rose fucks pheonix fellingtonAfter confessing to Brent Corrigan that Uncle JJ Knight gives him the creeps, Pheonix throws shade on spoiled brat Ryan Rose. Ryan gets knocked down a peg when Tom Faulk bests him around the track. Ryan offers Pheonix the second round — and the brand-new bike. After Pheonix takes a spill, Ryan is more concerned about the bike than Pheonix. When he calls Ryan out for being a punk bitch, Ryan’s turns Pheonix into his spunk bitch to settle the score.

ryan rose fucks pheonix fellingtonAs Ryan and Pheonix strip each other out their gear, the parade of flesh is ripped and hungry. Pheonix has a snack on Ryan’s dick. And Ryan’s turns Pheonix’s ass into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

ryan rose fucks pheonix fellingtonRyan gives Pheonix’s ass a hard smack and it opens like a can of pop-and-fresh dough. The target is fresh and Ryan’s pops all the way in to his balls. Then he quickly shifts into racing speed.

ryan rose fucks pheonix fellingtonThey may be motocross champions but they know how to ride like cowboys too. The plowing starts in reverse then a mid-fuck twist brings it on home.

ryan rose fucks pheonix fellingtonRyan bends Pheonix over as Pheonix pops that ass out to get every inch. And his back gets every drop. This is just the first of a few rips that literally leave Pheonix drenched in nothing short of a deluge of cum. Seeing Pheonix undulate that ass under Ryan’s dripping cock is almost as hot as when Pheonix and shows his big dick is a rainmaker too.

[Watch Pheonix & Ryan in “Layin it Down” scene two from “MXXX: The Hardest Ride” at NakedSword]

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