Andre Stone, Sam Ledger

Sam Ledger Rides a Big Juicy Dick Making Its Men Debut

Fittingly during the season of basketball madness, continues its full-court press of its sex gear line of merchandise. They really, really want us to buy these products, but thankfully are at least giving us some big dicks in their commercials.

We’ve seen Dom King play with a penis pump and stroke that big dick with lube, and we’ve seen Jake Preston play with a penis pump. Now we get to see Andre Stone and his big veiny cock try out an adjustable cock ring in his first Men scene ever.

Andre Stone, Sam Ledger Andre Stone, Sam Ledger

Andre Stone, Sam Ledger

Andre has done a variety of gay, trans and straight porn in his few years in the business, but this is his first scene at a major gay studio. And judging by that girthy uncut cock, I hope it’s not his last. Once he slides that cock ring on and whips that dick around, he catches the attention of horny roommate Sam Ledger—who wants to do more than watch.

Andre Stone, Sam Ledger

Andre Stone, Sam Ledger

The twink soon has his lips wrapped around that man meat (Sam, you can go a little deeper!), then sits down on it and rides (including some hot shots with him facing the camera). The bottom also takes it doggy, his own hot boner splayed out against the bed, before he gets on his back and gets coated in cum. Do you enjoy these commercialized scenes?

See the full scene at!


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  1. They should both be dismantled for fucking with skin tags. I vomited for hours looking at this ugly gross shit!

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