San Francisco To Vote On Circumcision Ban


San Francisco voters in November will be asked to weigh in on what was until now a private family matter: male circumcision. City elections officials confirmed Wednesday that an initiative that would ban the circumcision of males younger than 18 in San Francisco has received enough signatures to appear on the ballot. The practice would become a misdemeanor. Supporters of the ban say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation that should not be forced on a young child.

If it does pass, and this is San Francisco so anything can happen, it will immediately be challenged on constitutional grounds (circumcision is a religious custom) and promptly thrown out. So, thanks for wasting everyone’s time and money, hippies. Also, I’d like to know how these same anti-circumcision fanatics in gay, liberal San Francisco would vote if an abortion ban were on the ballot. [SF Gate]

46 thoughts on “San Francisco To Vote On Circumcision Ban”

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  11. I’m seriously offended by this incredible waste of public money – this is clearly unconstitutional. Period. And as a Jew, I am even more offended by the total disregard of the organizers for my culture. San Francisco prides itself for being a place that believes in tolerance. The city should be ashamed of itself for the intolerance of this campaign.

    1. How do you equate something getting on the ballot as the city being intolerant? As a San Francisco resident, I’m offended that you are implying the whole city supports this ban. Give me a break. It only takes a few thousand people signing a petition to get anything on the ballot. That doesn’t mean the whole city supports it. I, for one, will be voting against this ridiculous ban. Not on any religious/moral grounds, mind you. I just think this decision should not be in the hands of other people. Stay out of my personal life, thank you very much.

      Regarding the abortion topic. California, and San Francisco, has voted on various limitations on abortion several times in the past. Thankfully, I can say with pride that all of these have gone down in flames every time.

  12. As someone that worked in health care for over 25 years, Uncut dicks do smell it’s a fact. Folks may not like that fact but it is a FACT. The thousands of catheters I have inserted and removed I never smelled a circumcised penis. Sweaty balls yes. Personally I am opposed to anything that is anti-choice which this bill is. If these zealots really wanted to change feelings about circumcision they should have spent their time and money on education campaigns.

    1. joeblow – As someone who’s been with the same uncut man for 7 years, I can tell you – he showers daily and his dick doesn’t stink. That is a FACT. (See I can use capitals too!) I’m guessing that any guy who has to have a catheter inserted into his penis probably didn’t just step out of the shower earlier that morning. But what creeps me out even more, is that you must have your nose awfully close to their dick in order to smell it whilst inserting the catheter. Granted, an uncut can smell – as I said earlier. A little hot water and soap and the only thing I smell off that uncut dick is Irish Spring. FACT. (Sorry, I had so much fun typing the first “FACT” that I simply couldn’t resist a second.)

      1. He merely stated his own experience. No need to start yapping about your husband again, as we really don’t want to read about him every other post.

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          1. He may have stated it as fact. However, no reasonable person will accept it as an unconditional truth; likewise, no reasonable person will expect others to accept it as so. Your worked-up reaction merely indicates your inability to put his original statement in context.

        1. By the way, my last comment was meant for Richard, not R. (R is the one who needs to “get a life.”)

          1. Love you too, hon. Oh…don’t forget to clean under your foreskin tonight. It’s gettin’ kind…you know, stinky. Kisses!

  13. As an uncut guy I don’t understand what’s so great about being cut? The whole hygiene issue is really not an argument when you know how to clean yourself. I love to have that extra skin when I jerk off and I think it’s sexy when my sex partner plays with my foreskin or I can play with his.

    1. As a cut guy, I don’t believe people when they say how much better it is to be uncut. I don’t think circumcision makes a whit of difference either way. A dick is a dick with or without a foreskin. Having a foreskin doesn’t make your dick better than everyone else’s. Not having a foreskin doesn’t make your dick better than everyone else’s. If you get circumcised as a baby, you will live. If you don’t get circumcised as a baby, you will live. This is the stupidest fucking issue to get up in arms about.

  14. Ugh I really should proofread before I hit send.


    *anyone with any sense of hygiene is NOT dirty

    Eh, fuck it, it is what it is. That’s what I get when I post from my iPhone

  15. Zack – equating circumcision to abortion is a ridiculous argument. The fact is, a woman makes a choice about her own body and the unborn fetus residing within her body, while a circumcision is another person making a choice for an already born, living breathing human whose physical form is now totally independent. By law, and I believe the law to be eight here, that baby has rights and circumcision is a violation of those rights.

    Most of the men I’ve dated have been cut, just because of circumstance and lack of options, however I greatly prefer uncut.

    Honestly, indont know how so many people can be so blasé about this issue, especially men. The only thing I can chalk it up to is machismo and an unwillingness to admit to your own penis isn’t the most amazing perfect penis that has ever existed on the planet Earth.

    Oh and Ellery, I may not have dated many uncut guys, but I’ve dated enough and am educated enough to know that anyone with any sense of hygiene is dirty. Pull back your skin when you piss and take a fucking bath every once in a while.

  16. I’ve followed your site for a while now and never commented…but this time I have to add my 2 cents. Seriously…cleaner? Yeah, the truth is – you don’t wash your dick, it’s gonna be dirty. Hey, if you don’t wash your ass…guess what?…it’s gonna stink! We need to get over this “It’s cleaner” bullshit. It’s called bathing. It’s called soap and water. And if, after taking your daily shower, your dick is still dirty or it stinks…well, gentlemen, you ain’t washing right.

  17. I read this on a FB link. It’s ridiculous that this is going to be put up for a vote. Adult circumcisions are on a need-to basis for a reason, and that’s because it’s extremely painful. But yea big waste of time as this is obviously against first amendment rights.

  18. I prefer cut dicks. And i myself am uncut. I’d get cut of
    I a) had the Money and b) it wouldn’t hurt like 6 kinds of hell. It is a religious custom but also it’s more sanitary. So get your kid cut. Yes it’s less sensitive but that’s what people are used to working anyways and as stated, it’s cleaner.

    1. As an uncut man yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating the “cleaner” myth. It’s no cleaner or dirtier than a cut penis; it just requires a little extra effort in the hygiene department.

      My husband is uncut. Over the years I’ve given him thousands of blowjobs (just gave him one this morning, in fact), and you know what? Not once has he ever been even remotely “unclean” down there. On the contrary, he’s always been clean as a whistle…no exceptions.

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