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What 6 Loads, 3 ATM’s, 2 Creampies & A Facial Looks Like

Holy Cumback, Batman! Jess and Lane fire off more loads than a laundromat in a Sean Cody redemption special.

When they fuck up, I let Sean Cody know.

So let me say right here: five stars to the Sean Cody for pairing Jess and Lane and props to the crew to staying nimble and capturing arguably their most “fluid scene” ever in every possible incarnation of the word.

sean cody jessLane is a cum guzzling, dick loving bottom who we last saw giving Daniel road head on their way to an impressive fuckathon. Then we have tall Jess with his big beautiful cock, full bush, and a set of balls with an instant refill setting and the staying power to keep things flowing. Let’s get to work.

The following happens real-time with no edits:

Lane is on knees greedily sucking Jess while Jess fingers that hole.

sean cody jess
Sufficiently opened, Lane bends over, Jess jackhammers away, douses his hole and serves up Load One as the first creampie.

Lane snaps around to perform the first Ass to Mouth (ATM) of the day.

sean cody jess
Still at 100% full mast, Jess has a seat on the couch. Then Lane has a seat on Jess’ dick with the cum from round one still dripping out of and off Lane’s ass. Jess cums all over Lane’s ass again for Load and Creampie Two.

With his cock still inside, he puts Lane on his back and resumes the pounding, fucking the cum out of Lane for Load Three.

sean cody jess
Load Four is served directly to jizz pig. And cut. Whew.

Now Lane is on all fours like a good little pup and Jess behind drilling away until Lane raises on his knees, leans back to suck on Jess’ tongue as Lane fires off Load Five. Lane reassumes the position and Jess adds Load Six to Lane’s ass cheeks. Lane then licks load six from Jess’ still hard cock and finally shares it back with him. This, boys, is what Six Loads, Three ATM’s, Two Creampies & a Facial looks like.

[Watch “Jess & Lane: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

3 thoughts on “What 6 Loads, 3 ATM’s, 2 Creampies & A Facial Looks Like”

  1. Always edited every five seconds, to take out the uncomfortable face looks, the “I don’t know what I’m doing” and the constant directions the gay guys have to give the “actors” who are clueless to gay sex.

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