Sean Xavier

How To Suck Your Own Dick

If you’ve ever sat and wondered what it takes to suck yourself off, then make sure you’re tuning into the latest episode of Discretion Advised! For the most recent interview on the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are talking with Raging Stallion star Sean Xavier on his unique talent that we’re sure most men would love to have – self-sucking!

“I think every young man when they find something between their legs, they want to put it in their mouth,” quipped Sean when asked about his oral abilities on the podcast. “I just happened to bend over and mine fit.”

Sean Xavier

As for just how Sean is able to bend over and blow his own meat though, the hung performer credits his recent flexibility training and determined focus for why he’s able to suck himself off.

“About a year and a half ago, I started my journey in splits training because I want to be Manuel Skye when I grow up, who is an acrobatic performer – sex performer. So I can do the splits now and that flexibility allowed me to bend over backwards and put my thing between my legs in my mouth,” revealed Sean. “All it takes is deep breathing, deep concentration, focusing on what’s right in front of you, opening your mouth wide, and letting it go down.”

As Marc said on the podcast, we’re also sure it helps that Sean is rocking a massive dick. I mean, let’s be honest. No amount of breathing or concentration can help you if aren’t already naturally blessed down there and as we recently learned, this hunk is definitely blessed down there.

Sean Xavier

Unfortunately, Sean doesn’t display any of his self-sucking capabilities during the actual podcast interview, but if you want to see him slob his own knob, then just make sure you’re heading over to Falcon Studios in a couple of weeks. For his Falcon debut, Sean is starring in the third scene of Cheat Day with Beau Butler and getting a taste for himself while the beefy Beau rims his muscular ass.

We’ll be sure to update you when that scene officially drops on the Falcon site, but while you wait for that self-servicing action, be sure to check out Sean’s entire Discretion Advised interview below or stream the entire talk over on your favorite podcast app!


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