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Jonah Fontana Gets Slicked Up & Dicked Up By Sebastian Kross

Jonah Fontana has tight glutes and hamstrings after his workout. Until Sebastian Kross helps him stretch from the inside out.

Falcon Studio Group exclusive Sebastian Kross’ chiseled body is one that many trainers would envy. He kicked off the first scene in The Trainer from Hot House sharing that gifted body with the very grateful holes of Rex Cameron.

Last week, fellow exclusive Jimmy Durano gave us all a reason to look forward to leg day by giving Landon Mycles as much of that fat, uncut Brazilian pole as he could handle.

sebastian kross jonah fontana hot houseSebastian Kross is back today. He makes everyone’s wet dreams of what happens in the training room into reality, starting with Jonah Fontana’s.

sebastian kross jonah fontana hot houseAfter half a dozen scenes for Lucas Entertainment, Jonah made his Falcon debut in “Desert Getaway” in a bite your lip and jack flip fuck with Jacob Peterson. He and Sebastian bulging out of their Lycra gear make for some real eye candy. But it’s when Jonah is face down and ass up today that Sebastian finds his sweet tooth.

sebastian kross jonah fontana hot houseSebastian’s hard cock stretches his white shorts until they are almost transparent. That is a sight too much for Jonah to resist. While he gives Sebastian’s cock a tongue bath, Sebastian slick hands find something he can’t resist: Jonah’s hole.

sebastian kross jonah fontana hot houseClimbing up on the table, he rubs his cock in Jonah’s crack, then slides in deep. Jonah rises off the table for Sebastian to drive in deeper. Finally, Jonah rolls on his back, throws a leg over Sebastian’s shoulder and like any proper workout session, this one comes to a close with a blast of protein.

[Watch Sebastian Kross & Jonah Fontana in The Trainer scene three]

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