Shannon Gaga’s “Edge Of Glory” Masterpiece

A tribute video to the Mother Monster for which there truly are no words.

A friend of mine was most moved by 2:07, but I’m still reeling from the sequence between 3:40 and 4:26. But perhaps another friend said it best when he said that the best part of this video from cult hero Shannon Gaga is everything that happens between 0:01 and 5:52. In any event, I’m forever changed.




8 thoughts on “Shannon Gaga’s “Edge Of Glory” Masterpiece”

  1. She goes to my school, and EVERYONE makes fun of her. She actually dresses like that all the time. I kinda felt bad for her at first since she always thought ppl would go to her “shows” bc they loved and supported her, but it turns out she’s a bitch. And not the good kind of bitch.

  2. So, I just watched the official video by GaGa on youtube. Perhaps my standards are entrenched from my 20’s, and 30’s but I didn’t find that video much more superior in production value, lip synching, or basic reason for existence to the one you have posted here. In fact, I now find Shannon Gaga’s fan video a fitting tribute to House GaGa’s official video.

  3. Um, it makes me respect video directors more? I would call it epic only for the irony that my husband wants me to stop using the term “epic” like I am a ’17 year old boy’. So from the direction of lametardness – this video is “epic”!

  4. Yeah, Jan Terri did it better/worse a long time ago.

    Still, this is better than the official borefest that was released, so the fat girl gets a thumbs-up for that.

  5. Lip-synching fraud!
    Michael K at Dlisted introduced us to Jan Terri, who writes and sings her own stuff and is the Amy Winehouse to this Brit-Brit.

    (don’t turn it off before 1:00)

  6. So much better than the original.

    I am in awe of the years, of dance and drill team practice, it must take to reach that level of talent.

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