Tony Genius, Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign Cums Back To Falcon To Flip-Fuck Tony Genius

I know that the best part of Friday for most people is the incoming weekend, but for me personally, I just love getting the chance to see a new flip-fuck scene from Give and Take drop over at Falcon Studios. We’ve already seen two scenes from this all-versatile film, one with Beau Butler taking on Michael Boston and another that saw Ethan Sinns with Derek Kage, but for this latest scene, we’re getting to see the return of Taylor Reign as he tops and bottoms with Tony Genius!

The scene opens with some sensual footage of both men getting in their morning workouts. Taylor is lifting weights and Tony doing some laps in the backyard pool, but it isn’t long before the two decide to exert their bodies in a different way with Tony coming inside to flip-fuck muscle jock Taylor.

Before this new scene, the last time we saw Taylor filming with Falcon | NakedSword was all the way back in 2020 for Taken from Fetish Force. Before that, the muscled actor could be seen in the first installment of Falcon’s Tales from the Locker Room series and in the NakedSword Originals Halloween parody film Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore.

As for Tony, this is the first major project we’ve seen him in since he made his original Falcon | NakedSword debut with New Arrivals, the movie from NakedSword Originals that showed off hoards of fresh-faced newcomer models. Tony was definitely a major standout in that film, so we’re glad to see him back to make his first appearance with Falcon and we’re especially happy to see him return for another episode of Give and Take with next week’s installment of the Falcon film.

We’re jumping ahead of ourselves though. Before we spill too much about next week’s scene, go ahead and take a look below at this week’s versatile hookup with Tony and Taylor:

So what do you think of this flip-fuck? Who do you want to see Tony get with next? What about Taylor? Let us know all your hot thoughts down in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this scene, be sure to watch this entire hookup right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Give and Take’ ft. Taylor Reign & Tony Genius]


7 thoughts on “Taylor Reign Cums Back To Falcon To Flip-Fuck Tony Genius”

  1. I get really tired of watching these guys who are getting fucked and have their mouth wide-open as if they’ve never felt anything in their ass before.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Honestly … this is really true. Overacting in porn is a problem. It takes me out of the scene. If someone is actually grunting because of the intensity of the sensation, we can tell. Or at least the actors are so bad, it’s obvious they’re faking. It’s best just to get natural reactions. Tell porn actors to focus on their scene partners instead of closing their eyes or staring into space. I think these two focused on each other well and weren’t the worst overactors I’ve seen, but it was noticeable.

  2. Love the way Tony shakes his arse while being fucked ….hot! Taylor is looking a bit worn out. He’s dark under the eyes and seems the scene takes it out of him.

  3. Universal Potentate

    Oh wow! Not the top-bottom pairing I expected. However, none of these scenes are my kind of porn. They’re boring. Instead of having hot, sexually talented people just fuck, the cameraman is lazy and only shoots from these seemingly government approved angles.
    This was definitely a pair I’d want Sketchy Sex or Treasure Island showing us the hole opening close ups.
    Can I have natural sex, good lighting and good camera work please? These two hotties deserve it!

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